Hello everyone, my name is Sara, I'm from Portugal and I was born in the late 70, this year I change a decade!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I am married and mother of three children who are the light of my eyes, I have a princess and two princes, the last with only 10 months.
The taste for the art of remote to old generations of family... but it was the numbers that gave me the job, I was part of a team in the financial area for several years.
Until motherhood made me rethink the designs of my existence and decided to give life to my childhood dreams... and became a maker mom.
I love crafts in general and I experienced everything that fascinates me.... But when I discovered scrapbooking, I found a real explosion of information... to adopt to improve, to create within my true passion... the cardmaking.
Besides the possibility of creating something, Cardmaking allows me to highlight my personality of person who enjoys a certain nostalgia and loves to preserve memories.
I worry about memorizing moments to remember in the future, as a mother, I want to convey moments passed on to future generations, especially to my children. This is where the magic happens, even though it started at cardmaking, at this moment I create a little of everything, especially personalize my life and the lives of my children. With full awareness of my limitations in this vast world, I am thirsty to learn and always create with great affection and dedication, giving meaning to my soul...
I consider myself an “non stop” creature who constantly seeks information....
I met Sizzix in 2009, when I decided to personalize the baptism of my first daughter. I bought my first Big Shot, black and pink, from that time, never stopped creating! I'm very honoured to be here today, for me, it's a dream come true!!!
I'm a "cheap talker" I'm sorry about that!
Today, as I could not stop being, I bring you a project to do for your children!!!
I made it for my kids, who love to have lunch out of the house, at home! A practical bag to carry lunch!!!

I used:

- Fabric Bag
 - Hot Glue

Here is how i made it:

I started by cutting out a square of felt and a square of adhesive paper, i put one over the other and passed the iron.
I made the sandwich with a cutting plate, the cutting anchor, the felt with the adhesive paper, another plate, and cut in a Big Shot Foldaway.

I removed the paper, put it in the place where I wanted to decorate the bag and went with the iron again, simple and super fast. It was glued!

I deliberately left a little of the top of the anchor without the adhesive paper, so I could pass the string. I decorate it with the string.

I put a plastic sheet in the interior, so as not to allow the ink from the Pens to be passed to the other side of the fabric.
Decorate it and loved the end result!!!!



I made the video tutorial to facilitate the explanation. I hope you like it!

This is the faster video:


And here you have, a slower one ;)

How to create a lunch bag

Additionally I made a donuts card to accompany the snack of the newest!!! I love writing notes :) and I also have the video tutorial, but this one, I'll show you later!

Thank you so much for reading me ! Keep in touch.

It's a pleasure to be here and talk to you!!!

See you soon!!!