Chiara Tognon - Per Filo e Segno

Hello, I’m Chiara Tognon from Rome, Italy.

I love to express myself and my creativity by handcrafting: working with my hands makes me feel free and satisfied.

Crochet, sewing and paper-crafting are my favorite way to broadcast my creativity.

Few years ago, I wanted to share my ideas and experiences, so I decided to open my YouTube channel “Per Filo e Segno”.

Working on my channel I’m free to mix all the creative arts I love the most, and I end up realizing something even more unique. My audience often customizes the projects I propose, but in any project they can always find a little bit of me!

The support of Sizzix in my activity is essential!

Their products always stay on top of what's current, and the large assortment of cutting dies and tools is a great source of inspiration for me.

I hope you enjoy my work!


Scissor Holder Tutorial


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