Staying at home doesn't have to be boring. We know that being home all day can cause restlessness, especially for super energetic children so we have put together some creative ideas to keep all family members occupied whilst having fun too!

Animal Masks

Bring our furry friends to life by making your own animal masks. This is a great softcraft make for children of all ages and it's not only fun but can be educational too. Younger children can wear each mask and then re-enact how each animal moves and sounds. And for those a little older, why not turn your living room into a theatre and get them to put on a show!? Invite other family members to watch by video calling them as your little one takes centre stage!

We have a range of felts that are perfect for this make and they are available in multiple colors.

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Alphabet Scrapbook Pages

Crafting can be fun and educational too! How about getting together and making some alphabet scrapbook pages using our Chunky Alphabet Die. This is great for teaching children how to spell as they will be learning without even noticing. Numbers are also included in the set which are perfect if you are teaching your child how to count to 10!

Take a look at our collection of cardstock sheets, we have everything you need for a fun afternoon of scrapbooking!

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Animal Bookmarks

The perfect reading essential, these animal bookmarks are super cute and easy to make. You can use cardstock or felt and they are perfect for encouraging your children to read.

If you're looking for some help with creating the bookmarks, follow our easy step by step guide.

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Jazzy Journals

Journaling is great for encouraging children to write down their thoughts and memories. Get creative and make your own journal using our Pocket Notebook Die. You can personalize and embellish the cover as much as you like. We have a great range of colorful sequins & beads and glitters that are perfect for this!

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Funky Frames

Now is the perfect time to get everyone in the household involved, and make those home décor changes you've wanted to do for months, but have never got around to doing. Instead of ordering new items, why not spend the time you have doing some upcycling! This is fun activity for both children and adults and one that encourages you to all get together and spend some quality family time.

We love this frame using our Balloon Die. It's a great project both parents and children can work on. You could create matching ones and personalize them, or they can be made as gifts for your friends.

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There's plenty more inspiration on our creative play hub. Check it out here!