• Embroidering hoop
  • Plain fabric (size of the fabric depending on the size of the embroidery hoop)
  • Coloured felt (Sizzix bold felt 663028, Sizzix pastel felt 663022)- blue 2x, pink 2x, Green 1x, Grey 1x, white 2x.

Step by step

  • Put the plain fabric into the embroidery hoop.
  • Trim access fabric off.

Tattered Floral 656640

  • Die cut blue felt 2x A4 pieces, cut- 4x large petals, 4x medium petals, 2x small petals.
  • Die cut pink felt 2 x A4 pieces. 4x large petals, 4x medium petals, 2x small petals.

Wild Layered 661735

  • Die Cut green felt 1x A4 piece. 5x leaves.
  • Die cut grey felt 1x A4 piece. 4x medium petals.

Layers W/Wheat petals 658053

  • Die cut white felt 2x pieces. 4x large, 2x medium, 2x small.
  • Then using your hands pinch the felt, to create a realistic 3D flower shape.
  • Once you’ve created the shape glue the die cut flowers together starting from the largest piece to the smallest.
  • Arrange floral arrangement onto the embroidering hoop to create your vision. (don’t glue down yet).
  • Once the flowers are created start to glue them down onto the embroidery board to your desired taste.
  • Pick out your preferred gems or beads then stick down into the centre of the flowers.