Hi Everyone, and welcome back to another blog post!

I am a massive lover of vibrant colours and fun makes that brighten up general day to day life. I think right now, due to the current climate, it is only fitting that I bring you a make that will hopefully put a little smile on your face.

With summer just around the corner, these felt fruit keyrings will be perfect to personalise your keys or bag with a pop of colour. Since they are so easy to make you could even make a few and give them as gifts to brighten everyone else's day too!

You will need...

  1. Begin by cutting the large and medium sized circle from green and pink felt using the fruit shapes die and your Sizzix cutting machine.

2. Layer the pink circle on top of the green circle and stitch them together using a pink embroidery thread and a simple running stitch

3. Next take some black embroidery thread and add small stitches on top of the pink felt to create multiple black lines, these will act as the watermelon seeds.

4. You now need to fold your finished felt circle in half, making sure the nice stitched element is facing outwards, and begin to stitch the edges of the circle together to create a semi-circle shape using green embroidery thread.

5. Once you have gotten about three quarters of the way around the edge of the semi-circle you can now stuff your watermelon slice with a little bit of wadding through the gap. Once you are happy with the size and shape you can finish stitching it up.

6. Finally attach your keyring attachment with a few simple stitches and finish with a knot to secure it.

I have also made up some other different fruit shapes that are just as easy to make as the watermelon and just as effective!

This die gives you so many different options just from a few simple shapes and I would love to see if you guys re-create any of mine or come up with some new felt fruits of your own so make sure to leave any of your wonderful creations down below!

Thanks for reading my blog today and I can't wait to share more inspiring projects with you but until then... Stay Safe and Happy Crafting!