With Father's Day fast approaching, I'm sure it saddens so many of us that we can't physically spend time with loved ones like we usually do. However, because of that, it is more important than ever to let the father figures in our lives know just how special they are to us.

You Will Need...

1. Apply adhesive sheets onto the front of cut squares of Hibiscus and Lush Leaves coloured cardstock.

2. Die-cut the large and small circles in the Fruit Shapes Bigz Die from the cardstock you attached the adhesive sheets onto in step 1.

3. Peel the adhesive sheet layer away from the cardstock and sprinkle the corresponding colour glitter onto the die-cut circles. Use the Funnel Tray to catch any excess.

4. Once you have the circles covered in the glitter, layer the Hibiscus circles on top of the Lush Leaves circles and adhere using express glue.

5. Cut the layered circles in half using your scissors.

6. Die-cut out of black coloured cardstock multiple seed elements from the fruit Shapes Bigz Die.

7. Adhere the black die cut seeds onto the glitter semi-circles using Express Glue. Use your tweezers to pick the die-cuts up and glue them in place.

8. Create your card base from Hibiscus coloured and white cardstock by layering them on top of one another to create a border.

9. Die-cut out of Banana Blast cardstock the word 'DAD' from the Chunky Alphabet XL Bigz Die and adhere the letters to the top of the card using Express Glue.

10. Arrange and adhere the watermelon semi-circles onto the card in whatever position you like using Express Glue.

11. Using a pencil write out your pun at the bottom of the card and then go over it with a black fine tip pen and the permanent markers. Here you can also add in other accents and decorations around the melons and letters to create an animated effect.

As cards are usually quite personal things you could easily change up the colours, the decorations or even the chosen fruit and the pun to appeal to the father figure in your life.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Father's day!