DIY fabric wrapping!

Wrapping gifts with fabric is a big trend at the moment which I am loving! This technique is Japanese and is called ‘Furoshiki’, which is basically a fancy word for ‘wrapping in cloth’. I also like this technique because its eco-friendly, you can use re-use the material and create something else.

Here’s the simple technique on how to ‘Furoshiki’…

Tools & materials-

How to-

  • Start by placing your gift in the centre of the material.
  • Take the top corner and fold over neatly, then repeat with the bottom corner.
  • When you have done that gather the other two corners and tie twice. Tuck any bits of material in.
  • After you have wrapped your gift with the material, begin to create your flower from the ‘Flower Layers w/Heart Petals’ & ‘Garden Greens’ Dies.
  • Once you have created your flower, using your Sizzix glue gun, glue down the flower onto the top of your gift.