As December approaches its time to get your advent calendar at the ready!

Create something special for you and your family to look forward to every day in the run up to Christmas, with this festive ritual. Personalise your countdown with a handmade advent calendar, filled with all your favourite treats and gifts!


Stacks of presents!

Create an impressive pyramid of presents using stacked boxes, which you can decorate with stamped numbers and die-cut festive designs and motifs!


Shoe organisers

A great hack for creating your own advent calendar is to use a shoe organiser! The shoe organiser compartments allow you to insert your daily treats and gifts, and can be transformed by attaching die-cut shapes and letters.


Handmade stockings

Stockings don’t have to be only for Christmas day, you can also incorporate them into your festive decorations by using them as an advent calendar! These stockings are made of felt and can be hung on doors, in kids bedrooms or over your fireplace. These stockings are the perfect size to hold little treats, and are the perfect winter making project!


Last minute advent calendars  

Keep it simple with an advent calendar made with envelopes. This great last minute advent calendar make allows you to brighten your decorations with vibrant colours and patterns. Embellish your envelopes with Christmas motifs, washi tape and by adding tags. Simply attach with string or pin to a corkboard and fill the envelopes with mini surprises.


Ladder displays

Create a stylish countdown with the use of a ladder; loved by interior blogs, ladders also make the perfect stand to hang and attach all your advent calendar gifts!


Wall hangings

DIY hangings are the ideal home interior hack for transforming your walls! Bring the outdoors in using branches to create your base which you can hang your daily treats for a stunning design.,


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