Greetings, everyone !

This is Jasleen, and I would like to wish all the women followers of the Sizzix blog a very happy International Women's Day. :)

I received this Sizzix Thinlits Plus die set- cupcake box, in my kit and thought of using it for my today’s post.

I made a cupcake box and a co-ordinating card set using this die set. I must say, it was super easy and quick to put together this box and a card.

cupcake box and card set









Supplies from

Supplies from Sizzix


dies used from Sizzix Thinlits plus-cupcake box die set

Other Supplies used:-

Card stock, burlap, felt, ribbon, sentiment stamp, patterned paper (A4 sized-2 in number )


We need two sheets of A4 sized patterned paper (or any other sturdy paper of your choice) for making the box. For running it through the machine, starting from the bottom-most, we need to use the Big Shot Plus platform, Adaptor A, then the cutting plate, sheet of paper, die facing down and again a cutting plate on the top. Sharing the step-by-step pictures of making the box—

cupcake bok-step 1


cupcake box- step 2


cupcake box- step 4


cupcake box-step 4


cupcake box-step 5

All of the above die cuts were then folded over the scored lines and assembled together using a tacky tape. You can decorate the box the way you like or you can just leave it the way it is. I added a felt heart and other little layers using the tiny dies from the same die set.

cupcake box-closer view

Here’s how I made the co-ordinating card:-

card-step 1


card -step 2


card - step 3

card -step 4

cupcake box and card set

This box and card set was so easy and quick to put together. Wouldn’t it make such a cute gift or a party favor? :)

Would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Happy Crafting !


Hindi Translation :-

नमस्ते ।

Sizzix blog की सभी महिला पाठकों को अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं ।

मुझे अपनी kit में Sizzix Thinlits plus die set-cupcake box मिला और मैंने इस सप्ताह इससे एक Cupcake box aur card बनाया है । और वाकई मुझे यह कहना होगा कि इस die set की मदद से यह बनाना बेहद ही आसान रहा ।

इसे बनाने हेतु काम आने वाली सभी उत्पादों की सूची आप ऊपर English post में पा सकते हैं ।

यह पूरा cupcake box केवल दो A4 sized paper sheets से बनाया जा सकता है |Sizzix Thinlits plus dies को big shot plus में इस्तेमाल करने के लिए सबसे नीचे big shot platform, adaptor A, cutting plate, paper sheet, die और दूसरी cutting plate रखकर die cutting किया जाता है ।

Cupcake box और card बनाने के सभी तस्वीरों को आप ऊपर देख सकते हैं । Cupcake बॉक्स को आप जैसा चाहें सजा सकते हैं । मैंने इसे सजाने के लिए felt, burlap का टुकड़ा और patterned papers का उपयोग किया ।

मेरे ख्याल से यह cupcake box और card बेहद ही प्यार तोहफा बन सकता है । और इसे बनाने में भी ज़्यादा समय नहीं लगता । :)

मुझे उम्मीद है की आपको यह पेशकश पसंद आई ।

आज के लिएbas इतना ही । अगले मंगलवार मैं एक नयी पेशकश के साथ फिर हाज़िर होऊँगी ।

धन्यवाद । :)