I love a hot chocolate, especially in the cold winter mornings. What better way than to prepare for Autumn than to make a hot drink cosy!

I have created three different designs that you can easily make at home AND I've used two Dies from chapter 4 that’s just been released, Exciting! …



  • Sizzix complementary felt- pastel pink, light grey, pastel green
  • Silver thread, black thread, white thread
  • Tiny sequins
  • Tracing paper
  • Owl Die- 663383
  • Elagant leaf Die- 662603
  • Print out ‘Drink me!’ text

Step by Step

  • Start off by making the actual felt sleeve that’s going to go around your cup. On a piece of tracing paper measure 23.5cm -top line, 6cm- tall, 20.5cm-bottom line. You will need to create 3x sleeves in total, 1x pink, 1x green, 1x grey.
  • Trace onto felt fabric, then cut out.
  • Around the edges of the sleeves you want to do a blanket stitch using silver thread.
  • Once you have made the 3x sleeves, move onto making the elements to go onto the sleeves -
  1. Owl- cut all the owl elements out. The middle part of the owl sew on sequins. Glue together to form the owl and stick down using your Sizzix glue gun.
  2. ‘Drink me’- create the text on your computer, print out, then trace onto tracing paper. Place the tracing paper on top of the pink sleeve and begin to sew with black thread. Once you have sewn over the text, cut away the tracing paper.
  3. Elegant leaf- cut out your pink felt circle using the circle Thinlit die. Begin to sew in sequins (same technique as the owl belly). Cut out the Elagant leaf out of the green felt, then glue all the elements together.
  • Finally wrap the sleeve around your cup and secure by gluing together.