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  1. Top 5 Scandi style crafts for Christmas!

    Scandinavian style has made a real impact on the home décor industry! We’ve seen lots of Scandinavian inspired home décor pieces on the high street and its definitely inspired a number of our latest projects!
  2. Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

    We much prefer making our own gifts for friends and family! It’s easier to create something that’s personal and meaningful than trying to find the perfect gift in store.
  3. Top 5 gift wrapping ideas!

    There are two types of Christmas shoppers, the super organised and finished by December 1st type and the still shopping on December 23rd type! We’re aiming to be super organised this year, but we still need some inspiration on how were going to wrap all of our Christmas presents.
  4. Our top DIY Christmas decoration ideas!

    December is fast approaching and we’ll soon be putting up our Christmas decorations!
  5. Last minute Christmas Card ideas!

    Christmas is edging closer and closer! We can’t wait for it to be here, but we’ve got a lot of Christmas prep to do!
  6. DIY Cushion Cover ideas!

    Looking to make some unique cushions for your home or just want to try your hand at creating your own cushion covers? We’ve got plenty of inspiration for you!
  7. Rose Gold Inspiration!

    Rose Gold seems to be the colour of the moment! We’ve seen lots of metallic elements added to home décor pieces in the retail industry, and we’re always looking for ways to add metallic elements to any DIY projects were doing.
  8. Top 5 Quilling ideas for you to try!

    Quilling is a really intricate craft that produces some amazingly delicate projects!
  9. Top 6 Sparkling Ideas for a Bonfire Night Party

    Bonfire night is close and we’re looking forward to watching the fireworks this weekend with friends and family. If you’re hosting a bonfire night party, here’s some crafty ideas to make your party one to remember!
  10. Halloween fun at Sizzix HQ!

    Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our Halloween themed office day. We had some interesting outfits to say the least, from the good, the bad to the pure scary!

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