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Natalie Elphinstone

  1. Funky Fun Floral Headband

    4.-Calliope-headband-by-Natalie-Elphinstone With the summer weather well and truly here in Australia I've been inspired to create something fresh and funky and floral - and one that serves a practical purpose as well. It's Natalie here from One Scrappy Doctor and my middle daughter is constantly looking around for something to get her long hair out of her way whilst she plays outdoors, and so I thought this bright headband might just do...
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  2. To the Happy Couple

  3. Christmas Tree Tags

  4. A Sparkly Christmas

  5. Video Tutorial: Creating a Paper-Pieced Card

    Hello and happy weekend! It's Natalie here from One Scrappy Doctor and I'm enjoying what feels like the first hint of summer weather down here in Australia. But that hasn't stopped me from creating up a storm! One of the best things I love about the Sizzix® My Life Handmade Collections is that each set includes many different shaped dies with which you can create many variations on the same theme without any effort whatsoever! New-Home-card-by-Natalie-Elphinstone
  6. All You Need are Dies

    It's Natalie here from One Scrappy Doctor. This week I challenged myself to make a card without delving into my embellishments drawer. Only armed with my stash of patterned paper and adhesive, I mixed and matched my favourite dies to make this fun and funky layered card. Let me show you how I did it... ABC-card-by-Natalie-Elphinstone
  7. To the Happy Couple

    It's Natalie here and I've just celebrated my brother's wedding this week! There's been much so much business going on around here as we all chip in to do our part to help the wedding come together that admittedly some of the 'little things' such as making a card for the occasion has been overlooked until the last minute! Mr-and-Mrs-Card-by-Natalie-Elphinstone
  8. Video Tutorial: Festive Bird Shaker Card

    It's Natalie here today and I'm a big fan of shaker cards too! I love creating this interactive element to my projects because it adds such a playful twist, and no matter what you're age you can't help but be drawn in and want to give it a good shake!! Ornament-Cards-by-Natalie-Elphinstone-1
  9. All the Pillow Boxes!

    Decorated-Pillow-Boxes-by-Natalie-Elphinstone Happy weekend! It's Natalie here from One Scrappy Doctor and we've been celebrating a birthday in our house this week! My eldest daughter just turned 10 ("never again will I ever be single-figures!" she exclaimed) and as part of her class tradition she wanted to take something to school to hand out to each of the kids and teachers. It's common for them to exchange shop-brought lolly-bags or cupcakes or donuts or something similar. But Bethany specifically asked if she could take something handmade and crafty and so we came up with the idea of making these pillow boxes and filling them with sweets.
  10. Creating a Seasonal Banner for your Home

    Hi, it's Natalie here from One Scrappy Doctor. Sorry to rub it in, but I live down here in the Southern Hemisphere (Australia to be precise) and we've just hit spring!! Yay for sunny days, new flowers and garden parties! To celebrate the new season I thought I would whip up a banner for my entrance-way to officially declare the good news to everyone who walks through the door. Spring-Banner-by-Natalie-Elphinstone

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