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Manuela Tamburelli

  1. Dear Santa Claus..

    Hello! There are only three months at Christmas and my wish list is already full!

    My daughter this summer that has already prepared all notes for
    Santa Claus, so I decided to write him a letter with her and send it to the North Pole.
    What do you say ?
    You have already prepared your wish list for Christmas??
    From our home card
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  2. Color book organization

    Happy Tuesday crafter ,
    in this time when you return to school and working with books and papers I realized that they needed many bookmarks.
    I would like to colorful and different shapes so as to divide the pages for topics and make it more cheerful and fun.
    This project can help you little order between the cards and rearrange your content, making the study and work more pleasa...
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  3. Back to school with Sizzix

    Welcome back Crafter!
    How was your holiday ??
    I'm ready for a new year to spend among paper, scissors, glue, big shot and a lot of new punches to try.
    Today I want to share with you a project I'm working on my brand, but you can also make your own if you have a good manual.
    My daughter Eleonora always complains that his copybooks for school does not like, does not like the cover, desig...
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  4. Summer garland

    Hi crafter!
    in these days of summer heat and blue skies, I think about those gardens of summer houses to relax in the shadow and colorful GARLANDS that move with the wind..
    Horizontal, vertical, with the sea, the houses and the flowers.
    Therefore, you can pick like you want!
    You have some party to stage? Dinner with friends on a vacation or a romantic evening??
    The garlands are always...
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  5. Happy Box

    Hello crafter,
    Today is a special day, it' s the birthday of someone important.
    Secret gift needs a small box that is different from the usual greetings.
    So I thought I would take one to be built.
    I searched among the Sizzix dies and I found one that I really liked and so I used one half.
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  6. tree little card

    Hi crafter!
    Today I want to create a special tree, greetings card for a child that's in my heart, because the tree is a lot of us, of our life, of our roots.
    And so among flowers, butterflies, clouds and animals, this little card has grown more and more.
    And you ??
    What are you waiting to create your favorite tree ??
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  7. lovely jar

    Hi crafter!
    In these summer days, I'm enjoying a lot to fill and empty jars, especially the glass ones.
    I love decorating them and give a touch of originality, using paper, wires and colours.
    So even a messy person like me can find an order nice to see ... and to create!
    The decorations on glass jars are also ideas for a wedding, as wedding favor, place cards or small gifts.
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  8. Paper ICE CREAM

    Hi crafter!
    Here it is very hot and summer is next.
    Friends, birthdays, special and happy evenings to spend all together.
    I can't resist a nice ice cream, strawberry, pistachio and cream!
    What is your favorite??
    Ice cream can be a wonderful greetings card too.
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  9. Candy Bag

    Hi Crafter!
    Today I want to create with you a candy bag with the new Sizzix dies .
    You can choose from many themes , and use for different events.
    It' s a punch with which you can play a lot, there are writtens , flowers of different sizes and leaves .
        I hope you like it.
        I really enjoyed that !!
    cardstock or paper scrap
    stick glue or hot glue
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  10. Sweet pastel card

    Hi Crafter!
    Today I feel like so many fresh colors, to hang in the kids room.
    I chose the tree and the butterfly because they also represent life.
    The tree is the strength, the structure, while the butterfly is lightness and freedom.
    I like it a card to stick on the showcase or rest on the library.
    It gives a designer touch. Or….PAPER ART!
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