Fort building has definitely become a big trend recently! Everybody secretly loves building forts, and who can blame them?

There’s nothing we love more than having a cosy space to completely relax and spend some quiet time, and forts are perfect for it! Plus, we love being creative here at Sizzix, so we can’t wait to make the perfect crafty fort, either for us, or the younger members of our family.

Whether you want a cosy corner to watch films and TV or are looking to create the perfect area for your kids to hang out in, we’ve got plenty of ideas for building a fort below:


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So your created your fort, whether it’s a mound of cushions and bed sheets or a cleverly designed tepee, now’s the perfect time to decorate it. Why not create some handmade bunting to decorate the entrance?

Cushions and Pillows  

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Pillows and cushions are an essential fort item! We love to create our very own cushions and pillows, whether it’s upcycling some of our old ones or creating some brand new ones.


Image Credits: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.

Who doesn’t love decorating with tassels? Because we definitely do! Tassels are really quick and easy to make and are an eye-catching decoration.

Dream Catcher 

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Dream catchers are the perfect decoration for your fort! Protect your dreams by making a handmade dreamcatcher.

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