You will need:

This card idea started with the sentiment as great cards often do. In times like these, it's important to find as much beauty in the world as humanly possible. once I had my sentiment, I wanted to design a card that represents it.

Mixed media projects are my favourite! You get to make a mess and go wild! But the hard part is making the mess look intentional and beautiful. With this make I will show you how to take a small segment of messy, mixed media madness, and incorporate it in a clean, stylish project... My favourite!

Take your favourite colors of Distress Ink. No blending tool needed for this make, we're getting our hands (and crafting area) dirty! you'll also need some stamping ink and white card, on which to make your mess.

Begin applying the ink to the card. You can take the container and apply it directly to the card as shown below. I like to keep some white showing through as you don't want the ink to build up. This will make for a dark, brown colour as they mix.

Add more colors. I included some acrylic paint to the mix for good measure and used the heat tool to dry, before stamping some generic calligraphy stamps to give the project even more of a mixed media feel. Just look at the mess I created! Lovely isn't it?

For the sentiment, I used Adobe Illustrator, but this could be done just as easily on Microsoft Word or Publisher, then I printed in the top left corner of a piece of card. This allowed me to cut my rectangle around the sentiment and position it properly, leaving room for the die cut piece below.

I used an element from the 'Spring Foliage' die set, to cut an aperture underneath my sentiment as shown in the picture below.

I love his part! move your aperture over your mixed media mess until you find an area that looks perfect when shown through. This frames the inked, painted, splattered and stamped area and gives you a very small section of it shown through your die-cut aperture.

Adhere your card front over the best looking area using Sizzix Express Glue and then cut around the edges with a craft knife. Then, back it onto a sheet of colored cardstock. I used Agave for as it tied in well with the most prominent colors in my inked area.

This is now ready to add to the front of your card ?