Sizzix Big Shot Machine Only (White and Gray) #66020

Sizzix Accessory – Cardstock Sheets 80pk (20 Colours) #663007

Sizzix Accessory – Permanent Pens, 12pk Assorted Colours #663056

Sizzix Accessory – Die Pick #656380

Sizzis Accessory – Paper Sculpting Kit #662225

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 18pk – Jungle Shadow Box #663595

Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 21pk – Small Tattered Florals #661806

Hello! It’s Natalie here from One Scrappy Doctor ( and I’m waving at you from the south coast of Australia!

It’s the middle of winter here so I’m longing for warmer days and that’s what inspired me to turn first to my tropical themed dies like the Jungle Shadow Box set (#663595) for my project today. Don’t those bright colours scream sunshine and happiness to you?!

Now it’s obvious that the toucan is the centrepiece of this die set, and whilst I love him to bits, we don’t actually have toucans in Australia, so I needed to customise the idea a little bit if I wanted to make a card that best represented the Aussie style!

One type of bird that I do commonly see around my own house that is the brightly coloured Rainbow Lorikeet. I searched up some images of it so I could match my colour choices as best I could from the Sizzix Cardstock Pack.

As I assembled all the pieces of the parrot together I also added some extra coloured details using my Sizzix Permanent Pens. You don’t need to be a clever artist to add some simple strokes of colour which will elevate your diecut piece to a whole new level.

Next up in my project was to assemble the basis of the card. The Jungle Shadow Box die set comes with all the pieces you need to create a multi-layered design which you can really add a lot of dimension to if you wish. But today I’m making a birthday card I need to pop in the post, so I’m going to keep it reasonably flat.

I trimmed three colours of cardstock down to the right size for my card, and used the different circles to cut a hole in the centre of each one. My colour choices for this was based on my perception of the tones of the dry Australian bushland (rather than the tropical rainforest that the toucan would sit in).

On the top layer of cardstock I cut some extra details into it using another of the dies in the Jungle Shadow Box set. The negative spaces will allow the colour of the cardstock underneath to show through and this adds some eye-catching details.

There are quite a few dies in the Jungle Shadow Box set that cut tropical flowers, but this wasn’t really going to suit my Australian bushland scene. The Rainbow Lorikeet feeds on nectar from Australian natives like Eucalyptus flowers which are red and ‘fluffy’. Again I turned to trusty Google to show me some images so I could match my dies accordingly. I ened up using some of the flower dies from the Small Tattered Florals set, cutting them in two different sizes.

To make my flowers look more realistic I used the small ball stylus from the Paper Sculpting Kit to mould my petals into a more upright position. I did this by rubbing the stylus in a circular motion right in the centre of each flower – you’ll see the petals stand up right in front of your eyes!

Now that I have all the pieces I need for my card it’s just a matter of assembling them in a pleasing arrangement! This is the most fun part right? Watching it all come together!

I loved being able to share some of my Australian-style creativity with you today! I hope I’ve inspired you to look at your available supplies and see them in a new light? This is the beauty of creating with dies isn’t it? Whilst the inspiration to use them a certain way is right there on the front of the packet, you can customise your colour choices and mix and match them in different ways to suit any theme!

Bye for now!