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I've been meaning to share this Vlog with you for some time. We featured all of our glue gun goodies on a series of recent Hochanda shows and the magic wands went down a storm as always.  The presenters, directors and producers of the shows get to see so many demonstrations every day on Hochanda, so when you see their genuine enthusiasm and excitement for a particular make you know that it's a winner!


Enjoy the movie...



Here are a few more made using genuine twigs. If you collect a bunch of twigs for wand making (as I did with my daughter a couple of months ago in the woodland behind our house) don't forget to leave them to dry out before applying the glue and acrylic paint.

Here are a bunch of wands that were made for a local youth theater production which was a spoof of the stories about a certain Mr.Potter. It was directed by the very talented Lucy Duckett who is an accountant here at Sizzix HQ. The base of the wands are not pencils or sticks but the humble chopstick!

Here is a picture of the cast, wands at the ready!

Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon.