Isn't it funny how a simple little technique can make such a difference?

I was making lots of card and paper flowers for our recent trade show in Frankfurt and I mean LOTS! I was playing around with the shapes trying to think of new ways of adding a little dimension when I stumbled across this little technique which I now use all the time for a variety of different flowers.

I am using a beautiful new Bigz Flower die called Asian Flower designed by Debi Potter. I'm also using a couple of old favourite Bigz dies namely Flowers 3-D #3 and Garden Greens.

_DSC4894I'm starting off with a white box frame and three shades of card, ivory, vanilla and white

Art 1I then die-cut three sets in each of the colours.

Art 3to make up the 3-d flowers simply grip the end using tweezers or a quilling tool and roll towards the circle in the centre. This forms the base where I added a blob of hot glue after which I used my tweezers to curl back some of the petals.

Art 2Now for my new favourite technique. After gently curling the individual petals upwards I placed my tweezers about half way down the petal and pointing towards the centre. Next, I gripped my flower near the middle and twisted the tweezers through 180 degrees. This adds a little decorative dimension which looks stunning when they are layered together.

_DSC4941I took the top flower of my intended layer and punched a hole in the centre. Next, I took two types of artificial stamen before selecting about five of the large and ten of the smaller design. I folded them in half and threaded them through the hole in the centre of the flower and applied some hot glue before snipping away the excess string.

_DSC4946Here is the first layered flower, I used adhesive foam pads to add greater dimension..... I told you it looked cool!

Art 4I attached a rectangle of pink card into the frame as a base colour and added my first flower together with some of the foliage, I followed this with a smaller layered flower and a couple of the 3-D flowers adding more foliage as required.

_DSC4971The finished piece is then ready to hang, a great early Mothers Day make and it will last much longer than the real thing.

I love finding little techniques like this which make a world of difference....to me at least!

Thanks for stopping by, see you next Wednesday.