I had so much fun making these cute little birds out of fabric last week that had to make a few more, this time using paper and with a classic cheat thrown in!

I used the same circle dies as last week namely Sizzix Bigz - Circles 1" and 1 1/2" (A10212) and Circles (656333). I used some great patterned papers from the bowels of my paper stash, the origins of which are sadly long since forgotten.


The tool above is called a pattern makers wheel, I have spoken about this in the past but I'm not sure I have ever shown an image. It comes in many guises but basically it's a handle with a wheel at one end which resembles a mini buzz saw blade. I will be using this for one of my favourite cheats but first things first, I have die-cut a selection of different sized circles in a variety of shades and patterns.


The birds are constructed solely using sections of the different circles and you can see from the pictures above how they were cut. I also used a Weathered Wood Distress Ink pad to add a little depth to the edges of the circles. I didn't use the ink applicator in the traditional way, I just gently stroked the edge holding the paper at 90 degrees and the effect is very subtle but it does make a big difference.


Here is where the wheel comes into play, last week I hand-stitched the birds. You can stitch card and paper, even using a machine but this is a quick and easy cheat which is lots more fun anyway!

I ran the wheel over the paper using a ruler for straight lines and join the resulting dots with a black marker to create the illusion of stitching. The best thing is that you don't have to be neat or accurate to get great results.


for my base cards I used my PC to create and print the phrases all of which relate in some way to the subject of creativity, a subject very close to my heart. I positioned the body of the bird onto the card before using a pencil to mark where I would like the legs to start. Next, I sketched in the legs using a faint pencil line before applying the pattern makers wheel followed by the marker pen....


I hope you can see the difference the Distress Ink makes, It is very subtle I know?


I agree with all of the above.... especially the bit about having fun!


Sounds so easy..... wish it was!!


great quote this one, and so true especially when applied to creativity of any kind, whether it be art, music, engineering, teaching etc.

Hope you don't mind me returning to these little fellas again they just make me smile!!

Thanks for stopping by, see you next Wednesday.