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  1. Free as a bird

  2. DIY Rotating Craft Organizer

  3. New Baby

    I know the New Bigz Moroccan Flower is not a Lily but it sure is versatile. Besides which, my friend chose the name Lily for his new born daughter so that sealed the deal!
  4. Celebration Tags

  5. Butterflies notebook

  6. The Making Journal has launched!

    Attention readers, we’ve got some news for you! Our Sizzix News updates will no longer feature on this blog, it’s going to feature on our exciting new page, The Making Journal.
  7. More Feather Fun!

    As promised, more fun with the new Bigz Feather...
  8. How To Make a Wedding Card or Invitation + Video

  9. Beach Party Invitation

  10. Box for Storing Greeting Cards


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