Hi everyone,

If you have recently tuned into the Sizzix Facebook live you would have seen I created a photobooth frame using the peony die. I love this make so much I wanted to create a blog on how to create this. This frame is really versatile, you can use it at any event. It’s a really good way to get friends together for that quick selfie!

Follow my how to guide bellow and create your very own photobooth frame…

What will you need:

How to:

  1. I would recommend painting the frame white first. You need to allow time for the frame to dry before adding on the elements.
  2. Using the big shot machine create 2x large light pink peony flowers, 2x small coral peony flowers, and 2x dark pink peony flowers.
  3. When creating the larger flowers make sure to use the crease and curl tool, I love using this as I always get a really clean 3D effect, this tool also works well on larger scale flowers. For the smaller flower I have used the paper sculpting kit.
  4. At opposite sides of the corners of the frame glue down the foliage.
  5. Glue down the large peony and then the two smaller ones either side, repeat this on the opposite corner.
  6. If there are any spaces that look a little empty just fill using some more foliage.