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Sizzix Accessory - Adhesive Iron-On Sheet


Embellished Apron

Personalise an apron for you or as a gift to create a one of a kind look!

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Making with felt and fabric just got a whole lot easier! Create fabulous fabric projects without a needle and thread, our new iron-on adhesive will do all of the hard work for you!

Top Tip: Can be applied to fabric and die cut using Bigz then appliqued onto projects

NOTES: Machine washable at 30 degrees, Set your iron on a high setting, no steam

Instructions for use:

1. Cut fabric to size
2. Cut iron on adhesive sheet to size
3. Place wrong side of fabric on top of shiny side of iron on adhesive sheet
4. Either press with the iron on top of the fabric (being careful to not touch the shiny side underneath) or turnover and press with iron on the matte side of the adhesive sheet
5. Die Cut with right side of fabric facing down
6. Peel back adhesive sheet
7. Apply to desired area and iron right side of fabric to secure.

See above images as guide for use. Dies & fabric not included.

Product Dimensions
1 metre x 1 metre roll
1 Sheet of Iron-On Adhesive
100% Polyolefin

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