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Quilted Throw


Sizzix 101

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Make matching quilted cushion and quilted throw.

Sizzix Die(s) Used

  • Sizzix Bigz Die - Half-Square Triangles, 4 1/2" Assembled Square
  • Sizzix Accessory - 8 Fabric Pieces
  • Sizzix Big Shot Machine Only (White & Gray)
  • Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine Only (White & Gray)
  • Sizzix Big Shot Express Machine Only (White & Gray)
  • Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway Machine (White and Grey) with Free Bonus Content


Other Supplies: Grey fabric, Mint fabric, Sewing machine, White thread, Grey thread, Hand sewing needle, Wadding

  1. Use the Bigshot to cut out all the triangles that you will need.
  2. Arrange the triangles in the pattern you would like.
  3. Sew the triangles together to make small squares with a quarter of an inch seam.
  4. Press your seams towards the darkest of the fabric so the seams are not visible.
  5. Lay the squares back out to make your pattern.
  6. Sew one strip of squares together with a quarter of an inch seam.
  7. Continue to sew each strip.
  8. Press your seams alternate way. Press one strip with all seams to the right, one strip with all seams to the left.
  9. Next sew the strips together with a quarter of an inch seam.
  10. Measure and cut a piece of wadding and backing fabric to the size of the quilt as it now measures.
  11. Pin all three layers together and top stitch in the seams. This is called sewing in the ditch. Sew on the lowest piece of fabric.
  12. Cut your binding 3 inches wide and the length longer than the circumference of your quilt by at least 10 inches. (You may need to sew two pieces of fabric together to make your length long enough).
  13. Press the binding in half, wrong side to wrong side.
  14. Start sewing your binding on a straight edge of your quilt with 5 inches of binding spare.
  15. Sew with the raw edge of the binding lining up with the raw edge of the quilt using a half inch seam allowance.
  16. At the corners stop sewing half of an inch from the edge and sew at a 45 degree angle to the edge of the quilt. Turn the binding at 45 degrees across your sew line and then fold so the raw edges are lined up. Start sewing half an inch from the top until you reach your next corner and then repeat this process.
  17. Leave around a 7 inch gap before you reach where you began sewing from.
  18. Overlap the top piece of binding by 3 inches and trim.
  19. Sew right side to right side of the binding at a 45 degree angle. Trim your seam.
  20. Now complete sewing the binding to the quilt and it should fit into place.
  21. Turn the binding in half so it covers to edge of the quilt on the back. Hand stitch in place using a slip stitch.