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Oven Mitts


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Decorate and upcycle your oven mitts with our new kitchen set dies.

Themes: House & Home

Sizzix Die(s) Used

  • Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 10PK - Kitchen Set
  • Sizzix Accessory - 8 Fabric Pieces
  • Sizzix Big Shot Machine Only (White & Gray)
  • Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine Only (White & Gray)
  • Sizzix Big Shot Express Machine Only (White & Gray)
  • Sizzix Big Shot Foldaway Machine (White and Grey) with Exclusive Extras


Other Supplies: Pink fabric, Cream fabric, Grey paint, Pink thread, White thread, Sewing machine, Wadding, Thin craft foam, Spray glue, Water soluble fabric pen, Dinner plate, Mountboard

  1. Draw around half a dinner plate on the pink fabric. Draw straight 75cm lines from the end of the semicircle and then draw round the dinner plate again to form a semi-circle at the other end of the lines. Cut out the finished shape.
  2. Copy the same shape onto another length of pink fabric and also the wadding and cut out.
  3. Copy the end curved section onto cream fabric, drawing a straight line horizontally between the ends of the semi-circle to form a pocket. Repeat to make another pocket.
  4. Repeat the same shape to cut out the wadding pockets.
  5. Cut long lengths of patterned fabric from the Sizzix bundle 2 1/2” wide. Ensure you cut on the bias. Hem the long edges of each one. Join the ends together to make one long length. This will form the binding round the edges.
  6. Layer the oven mitt as follows: pink mitt shape, wadding mitt shape, second pink mitt shape. Pin the layers together and sew, following the pins and joining all the layers together. Trim edges to make even.
  7. Sew straight lines 2” apart diagonally across the mitt. Repeat in the opposite direction to create a quilted effect.
  8. Cut 2 mixers, 2 spatulas, 2 whisks and 2 spoons in craft foam using the Kitchen Set die. Layer the shapes with spray glue and fix to the mountboard to make a stamp.
  9. Apply grey paint to the stamp and print the shapes onto both cream fabric pockets.
  10. When dry, sew detail stitching with pink thread on each shape.
  11. Layer one cream pocket and one wadding pocket wrong sides together. Fold the binding over the top flat edge of the pocket and pin, joining the fabric and wadding layers together. Sew in place, trying to follow the stitching from the binding seams. Trim the excess binding and then repeat the process with the other pocket.
  12. Place the pockets at each end of the pink mitt. Fold the binding over the edges all the way round and pin. Trim the ends to meet exactly when you’ve gone all the way round.
  13. Sew the binding in place. Try to follow the stitching from the binding seams.
  14. Where the binding ends meet, join with invisible stitch.