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Dog Softee


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Paws for a moment. No bones about it, this canine-inspired creation unleashes more than a whimsical tail or two. With this new softee die, you will learn a new trick to playfully express your puppy love.

Sizzix Die(s) Used

  • Sizzix Bigz Plus Die - Dog Softee
  • Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine Only (White & Gray)


Fat Quarter 1 – Cream fabric
Fat Quarter 2 – Grey fabric
Pink spot print – 1/2 yd
Fabric scraps – Grey, black and white felt
Polyester fiberfill – 1 pack
Silver beads
Needle and thread OR sewing machine

All seam allowances are 1/4” unless noted.
Fat Quarter = approximately 18” x 22”

How to Make:

  1. Die-cut 2 heads, 4 arms, 4 legs, 2 bodies and 2 inner ears from the cream fabric. 
  2. Die-cut 2 outer ears from the grey fabric. 
  3. Die-cut 2 bandanas from the pink spot print. 
  4. Die-cut 1 mouth from grey felt, 1 nose from black felt and 1 eye patch from white felt. 
  5. Stitch eyes, eye patch, mouth and nose to the head. 
  6. Place two ear pieces right sides together and stitch around edge, leaving the bottom edge open. Repeat this for the other ear. 
  7. Place two arm pieces right sides together and stitch along the edge, leaving the top end open. Repeat this for the other arm and both legs. 
  8. Gently stuff arms and legs to desired firmness, and set aside. 
  9. Pin the arms to body, and sew into place. 
  10. Pin the legs to body, and sew into place. 
  11. Pin the front and back bodies together, right sides together, leaving the bottom edge open. Sew into place. Once sewn into place, turn the body right side 
  12. out. 
  13. Place two bandana pieces right sides together and stitch along the two edges, leaving one side open. Turn bandana right side out, and slip stitch the open 
  14. edge. 
  15. Gently stuff the body to desired firmness, and slip stitch bottom edge to finish. 
  16. Tie bandana around Dog Softee’s neck to finish.