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Clamshell Tablet Cover


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To add some extra pizzazz to any ordinary tablet cover, simply dress it up spectacularly! With Sizzix dies, you can easily embellish all your fabric projects, making it easy to customise any office with perfectly personalised accessories like this.

Sizzix Die(s) Used

  • Sizzix Bigz Die - 2" Clamshell



  • Calico – 22cm x 55cm (2 sheets)
  • (4) Coordinating Coloured Fabrics
  • Wadding – 22cm x 55cm
  • Fusible Web – 22cm x 55cm
  • Fasteners / Velcro / Press Studs
  • Iron
  • Needle & Thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

Cutting Instructions:

  • Using 4 coordinating fabric colours, cut (25-30) of each colour in small clamshell size.
  • Of the contrasting colour, cut (5) small clamshells.


  • Please adjust the dimensions of calico, fabric and wadding to fit the size of your tablet.
  • All seams are 6mm (1/4") unless otherwise stated.

How To Make:

  1. Cut pieces of fabric to suit the size of your tablet.
  2. To calculate the size needed, the width should be the width of your tablet plus approximately 5cm (2") for ease of use with the tablet. The length of the piece should be 2 1/2 times x the length of your tablet plus 5cm.
  3. In these dimensions you will need two pieces of calico, one piece of wadding and one piece of fusible web.
  4. Cut all clamshell pieces, the larger the tablet, the more you will need.
  5. Iron fusible web onto one of the pieces of the calico.
  6. Pull back part of the paper backing and begin to arrange the clamshell shapes in chosen design, starting with one clamshell with round edge top and centre, working out from there.
  7. Place the paper backing back over and lightly press the arranged clamshells in places, not going right up to the advancing edge of the design.
  8. Pull back some more of the paper backing from the fusible web and repeat the design and pressing process to the cover the calico.
  9. Cover the entire calico piece with the clamshells excluding the top edge, which should appear scalloped.
  10. Zigzag stitch along the top edge of each clamshell.
  11. Trim the scalloped edge of the piece as close to the edge of the fabric as possible, and trim any overhanging half clamshells along the straight long edges of the piece.
  12. Lay the second piece of calico on top of the appliquéd piece, and then lay the wadding on top of that. Match up the edges, pin in place, and stitch all three layers together using a narrow seam allowance.
  13. Trim edges close to the seam and clip corners.
  14. Turn right way out, and press lightly by hand.
  15. Trim wadding slightly smaller than the scalloped edge, and the calico approximately 1/4" larger than the scalloped edge, snipping into each dip of the scallop.
  16. Fold over the long edge of calico to cover the wadding, tucking under the appliquéd fabric. Pin in place and using a zigzag stitch, machine stitch the three layers together.
  17. Place the tablet on the piece, folding fabric over and choose where the finished overlap should be, pinning in place, and removing tablet before continuing.
  18. Hand stitch along the two long edges to form the sides of the tablet case, taking care to enclose the calico as much as possible, so that only the outside design shows.
  19. To finish, choose a fastening method, button, hook and loop spots or strips, poppers etc.