European Inspiration


Crafters from all over the world love to blog and give inspirational ideas on Sizzix products, here are just a few.


Céline Navarro


I have always been into doing something creative: drawing, painting, doing collages, scrapbooking. It is something I need to do everyday, just like eat and sleep!"


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Karine Cazenave-Tapie


"I like going from one inspiration to another, the photo always being my guide. You always need to think new and learn"


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Anna Dąbrowska


"For me it's not important to define my style – I assume it is usually grungy, artsy, sometimes funky or shabby – or it's everything mixed together!"


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Loredana Bucaria


"Every day lived well makes yesterday a fond  memory and every tomorrow a dream of hope"


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Elina Strömberg


"Being able to take even a short moment to myself and create something beautiful and tangible is very important to me"


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