• Pink Garland Birthday Card

    Monday, 17 August, 2015

    Yesterday was one of my nieces 8th birthday so I was inspired to create a cheerful and bright garland card with flowers as she loves flowers and garlands. 

    This is the finished card. 
    I used the new Tim Holtz punches and one of my stamps designs for the message.

    I used:


    To make it I simply die cut the circle on the pre scored white card. Using the left over I die cut a smaller circle, I stamped the message and set aside.

    Then I punched the flowers out of three shades of the same pink and the leaves of the green paper. Then I shaped them using a foam mat and a ball ended tool. Then I glue them round. I used die cut circles (use any die including tag dies that have small circles for this).
    Finally I punched the bow and used a marker to darken the centre.

     Simple and quick to make but I am sure my niece will love it!
    I hope you do too!

  • One die - three ways with the Thinlits Plus Pillow Box Set

    Monday, 3 August, 2015

    Today I was inspired by a series of projects that Sizzix recently did on one die many ways, in which 6 bloggers took this Pillow Box Thinlit set and each made a different version. (You can check them here part 1 and part 2!). But this time I wanted to highlight the fact that you can use the inner panel dies to create beautiful fronts of cards.

    For this project you will need:

    Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine Only - 660020
    Sizzix Pillow Box Thinlits Plus Die - 660844
    Sizzix Accessory - Precision Base Plate for Intricate Thinlits Dies - 660320
    Sizzix Accessory - Die Brush & Foam Pad for Wafer-Thin Dies - 660513

    I took a landscape A6 folded card, and placed the intricate inside die for the pillow box and secure it with low tack tape in place (just right to the scored line). I used instead one of the cutting plates the awesome Precision Base Plate

    Because there is so much detail in this die, you may have to run it two or three times through the machine. After running through machine just turn it over and check that you can see all the cut lines.

    While the die is still in place, use the die brush to release all the die cut small bits. I love this brush! It comes with the black mat that  its quite static so all those pieces don't fly away.

    Then I place the same die in the other part of the card. I tried to link them as closely as possible. There are many possibilities, I could have left a bigger gap  or even not die cut it at all.

    Once run it through the die cutting machine, I saw that I overlapped it too much, but not too worry!  

    I  trimmed a piece of the same white card and stamped the message on it. Then just attached it to the front.

    To finish it off, I just added the wooden hearts.

    Finally I just added a contracting panel for the background. If you are wondering where would you write the message, there two options, the back of the card or make the pink paper a folded one so that you can write inside.

    The box is simple, and you can add a contrast panel for the flap.

    And with the other panel you can create this simple card too. As you can see a single pass through the die cutting machine

    I hope this inspires you to try your dies in a different way!

  • How to assemble the Cupcake box!

    Monday, 20 July, 2015

    Have you seen the new Framelits and Thinlits Plus? I love that Sizzix now does A4 dies to use with the Big Shot Plus!
    Last time, I showed how to use all the small dies that accompany one of those new dies, the Cupcake Box. Then I realised I should have started with the beginning, showing how to assemble the box step by step not that it is difficult! And probably there is more than one way to do it, but this one works for me.

    For this project you will need:

    Two pieces of A4 card and adhesives, that is it!

    Die cut two pieces of the largest die (left bottom), one base (right) and one cupcake base (centre top, optional). It all can be cut using just two pieces of A4 card and you will get leftovers.

    Make sure that you fold all scoring lines before gluing. Makes a huge difference when assembling. If you wanted to die cut an aperture, now is the moment. With the kit you get quite a few options: an oval, a window, a rectangle, and a circle.

    Attach the flap to the other piece lining up the edge of the right piece and the score line of the left piece.

    Add glue to one of the flaps of the bottom piece.

    Attach to the panel that has no flaps.

    Fold the right piece, towards the centre. Add glue to its right flap.

    Fold over the left piece so that it overlap perfectly over the glue flap.

    Add adhesive to the unglued three bottom flaps. I use magnets to secure the pieces in place while the strong wet adhesive is drying. If you are using double sided tape, this is not needed.

    Close down the bottom and make slight pressure inside to secure the bond if you are using wet adhesives.

    Overlap the flaps at the top to keep the box close.
    There you have it, all done. And it really takes less than 5 mins from start to finish!

    Now, if you want to pretty it up a bit, you can use one of the many dies that come in the set. Here I used the larger rectangle (there are two) and die cut patterned paper. 
    Then I simply glue one rectangle to each side.

    Done! Perfect for cupcakes but also perfect for presents as a gift box.

  • Bright and Cheerful Photo display

    Monday, 6 July, 2015

    I love bright and cheerful colours, but sometimes I stay away from them because they can overwhelm a page. But for a photo display? What better than to use hot pink, bright warm yellow and refreshing turquoise for the summer?

    This is what I made today!
    I used just one set of dies, one of the brand new Thinlits Plus called Cupcake Box 660842!

    I am a hoarder so I keep absolutely everything that I think is usable, like all sort of glass bottles and their tops. Those three cork tops? Balsamic Vinegar ones. (I have about 12 of their bottles waiting to be used!) I selected my colours given by a set of Paperarsty Fresco Acrylic paints.

    Once painted, I placed a Tim Holtz Memo Pin in each one. Although the bottom part of the bottle top is wood and heavy the top part is cork so perfect as a base of a photo display.

    What I love about this set is that aside from the box elements, you get a lot of little ones that you can use for so many things, like apertures on a card and little cupcake flags. You will see more ideas from me soon.

    I die cut all the small elements out of paper and card of similar colours to those of the acrylic paints.

    I assembled the basic elements.

    I used the oval Framelit to die cut my photos.

    And finally, I added ribbon to the base.

    And there you are, some of my favourite people (and cat, don't forget the cat!) are brightly and cheerfully by my side!

  • Bright colourful card

    Monday, 22 June, 2015

    Last time I shared how to make gorgeous bright and delicate flowers from the Tribal Collection by Craft Asylum for Sizzix for a layout. today I share how to use them in a card.

    I used the same dies:

    I used the exact same process to make this flowers as I did for the layout: die cut with the Bigz die the solid flowers using watercolour card, then spray the colour and then layer the intricate ones die cut using the Thinlits sets.

    This time, though I added a sentiment from the Everyday Tab Messages stamped in black as well as patterned paper on the right edge.

    I love the brightness of the flowers and the delicate intricate white detail. I am sure this will brighten some one's day very soon!

  • Loads of flowers layout

    Monday, 8 June, 2015

    Today I fancied getting my hands dirty creating flowers with some distress inks sprays. 
    Here is how.

    I used:

    plus a Big Shot or a Big Shot Plus!

    The beauty of these flowers is that the framelits match the Bigz dies of the same name, the framelits offering the intricate detail and the Bigz the solid flower shape.

    I die cut four or five flowers of each size using the Bigz dies and watercolour paper. I die cut them all in one go, one of the beauties of the Bigz dies! Then I spray distress ink over them to create different intesities.
    Then I die cut one by one several flowers using white card.

    You can see that different effects can be created and then when putting the intricate layer over, it changes the look quite a lot.

    I glue them all, selected my photo and layered them all over a thick acetate sheet. Then I proceed to glue them down and finally I added a card behind so that i can write the story behind the photo.

    And here it is! A bright layout full of luscious flowers!

    I added some enamel dots in the centres to create a finished look.

    I hope you like it!

  • A chocolate box using basics and tribal dies

    Monday, 25 May, 2015

    I know the word Basics sounds a bit off, but when it comes to crating I think Basics are the most important thing you can have in your crafting area. And die cutting is no exception, I think one of the best investments you can do for your crafting aside from a Big Shot (Plus!) is to get a few basics dies like boxes and tags that will stand the test of time. One of my favourites, the Milk Carton (659196):

    To add some decoration I used the latest dies from Craft Asylum Tribal Collection. 

    Because my intention is to add something inside that may stain a bit, like chocolates, I wanted to make sure there was a plastified inside. Sticky back plastic to the rescue! I attached it to the back side of the paper.

    Note that I am using the Big Shot Plus, so the die is smaller than the aperture. If I was using the Big Shot, the die would still fit nicely but would occupy the whole aperture. I used first my crease pad to die cut the box. However it didn't cut that well due to the plastic.

    Now, this is an important photo on the right. Most wont think it is, but basically this is to showcase the difference when to use the Crease Pad (It comes in 4 sizes aprox:, 6x8, 6x13, 8x15 Plus, and 13 x 13 Pro) or the regular cutting pad. 

    The Crease pad is perfect for making sure that the score blade does not cut, while the cutting blade still cuts. This is specially important in a dry place, including places with high heating or strong air con.

    As you can see, because there is plastic on the back, I needed to cut it through using the cutting plate and not the crease pad. If I was die cutting just paper or card, I would need to cut it through with the crease pad, why? because although I live in damp England, my studio is kept warm and dry all year round!

    I folded the score lines and to glue it together I used red line tape. Wet glue would not have work because of the plastic.

    I glue both ends. Remember to use a strong tape for this.
    Then I was ready to decorate it using the Tribal Borders die, die cutting it twice and joining them by overlapping them.

    I glue the top first and then the bottom. Then I die cut one of the flowers from the Intricate Native Florals.

    I die cut it a second time using coral paper and then layered them inside a blck 2 1/4" circle.
    I attached it to the box using a foam pad.

    The finished box.

    You can see here than the pieces fit nicely in the inside of the flower, except one that I messed up a bit gluing it down.

    And then there is the back, a little more simple.

    I hope you like it!

  • A tribal layout

    Monday, 11 May, 2015

    I love bright colours but I am often intimidated by them. But since summer is not that far away, I decided to go a bit brighter.

    I love the new Tribal collection of Craft Asylum for Sizzix, specially the Hearts die, and they cry for strong colours.

    I first cut the white card to size. Then I die cut all the hearts in three shades of pink and once of dark of yellow. I then die cut the leaves from a different die from the same collection, layer them all out and glue them.

    Then I placed the photo, which features my cousin and myself on Christmas day 2014. It doesn't matter that the layout does not reflect the holiday itself but rather the friendship and love between us.

    I placed the crystals on the photo and then the clip.

    The letters are die cut from using my favourite alphabet die at the minute, Tim Holtz Block Talk Lowercase.

    I just love how the intricate hearts match perfectly the solid ones, allowing you to layer them up perfectly or slightly of set.

    Finally I added the strips of colour on the left of the layout.

    bright and summery, even if the photo is from Christmas. I love that about scrapbooking, there are no rules, and as long as you like it, its all good!

  • Monochrome Butterfly card

    Monday, 27 April, 2015

    We have had the most glorious days here in South East England, days perfect for softer and beautiful colours like corals and soft teals. Inspired by those colours and the good temperatures as well as by the lovely butterflies that will come in a few weeks to my garden I created these two cards.

    Clean and simple!

    I used Butterflies, Intricate by Paula Pascual 659971 and Tab Cards by Paula Pascual 659970.

    To make the coral one, I trimmed a piece of the coral paper to fit the landscape A6 folded card. Then I trimmed the wave at the end using a circle cutter. I stamped the message using one of the clear stamps sets I have designed, called Tab messages that match beautifully the Tab Cards  dies.

    I die cut the butterflies using the solid large die (using white card) as well as the intricate large (coral paper). I layered them up and attach them to the card with glue only on the body of the butterfly. Then I placed the hexagon crystals through the body of the butterfly to give a bit the impression of being caught flying.

    To make the soft teal one, I trimmed a piece of the patterned paper to fit the landscape  card. Then I trimmed the wave in the middle using a circle cutter, and on the bottom left over i did the same. I glue them down.

    I die cut the butterflies using the solid large die (using white card) as well as the intricate large (teal paper). I layered them up and attach them to the card with glue only on the body of the butterfly. Then I placed the crystals under the body of the intricate butterfly but over the solid one.

    I stamped the message from the same set as before called Tab messages and then I die cut it using the long thin Tab Cards  die. Finally I added the three crystals in the body of the butterfly.

    I hope you like them!

  • A loved layout

    Monday, 13 April, 2015

    Spring is here and brighter colour and cheerful layouts are in order!

    I often print out many photos from my mobile in smaller sizes for mini albums. Not all of them make it in to the album so I have some photos laying around that are pretty special but just simply were the wrong size. But they are perfect for my favourite size of scrapbook layout, 6 x 8. So I grab one of those photos and I started die cutting!

    For this layout, I used :

    I used Simple Stories papers from their collection I AM. I die cut two chevron borders out of the solid papers using one of the Decorative Trim dies. I layered them on the white card and glue them at their centres. I die cut thre banners and glue them on the left hand side.

    I used the other trim die from the same set to decorate the bottom left corner. The word is from a pattered paper I had left over.

    The little heart on the top right corner is from the left over of the bottom left border. The flowers is from the Flowers Intricate 2.

    Simple but bright and spring full of colour! I hope you like it!

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