• Butterfly Birthday card

    Monday, 19 January, 2015

    One thing I always have a need for is birthday cards, even though I have numerous ways to be reminded of birthdays, I always forget to make and send them in time. Like many other years before, I am trying to be better this year and what better way to start than with a few Sizzix simple but effective birthday cards.

    My love affair with the intricate butterflies continues this cold and wet January.

    For this card I used the Sizzix Thinlits Intricate Butterflies 659971 and the Tim Holtz Block Talk lowercase alphabet die (659442) as well as Basic Grey Kissing Booth papers, white card, gold flakes, foam pads and Scrapbook Adhesives 3L adhesive sheets.

    I placed the patterned paper on the the front of my card. Then I trimmed a piece of white card to size. I place the intricate butterflies dies over as well as die cut letters to see their visual weight. Once I was happy with their placement, I die cut them using my magnetic platform to secure them in place. I used the intricate butterflies instead of the Framelits included in the same set because I did not want any residual embossing on the outside. Then I glued the white card with foam pads.

    To create the gold effect letters I used adhesives sheets by 3L. They are a super fine double sided film that is much more delicate and thin than the one I usually use from Stix2. I am a fanatic o adhesives so I find different thicknesses have different uses. I apply the adhesive to both front and back of a cereal cardboard.

    I die cut each letter and then position them on the card. Once I am happy with the position, I use low tack tape to secure them in place (relative to each other).

    I lifted the backing of the adhseive sheet, and glue them in to position. rub down the letteres well and then I removed the low tack tape.

    I removed the protective sheet from the adhesive sheet and place the card in my golden flake tub. I brushed the letters with a sponge to make sure all the adhesive is covered in gold flakes.

    I then stamped the message using one of the clear stamps I have designed and then trim it to size.

    Finally I added more die cut butterflies (from the same set), ribbon and golden adhesive beads.

    It didn't take long at all to make, but it is quite detailed. So I hope who ever is going to receive this card this year is going to like it!

  • Flying Butterflies Home Decor

    Monday, 5 January, 2015

    Happy New Year!

    Very exciting things ahead in 2015.

    I will start with a project I have been wanting to do for a while.
    I love glass jars, domes and bell jars. I also love butterflies so it was a given that I would combine this two loves to create a project to display in my living room.

    I used: Sizzix® Thinlits™ Die Set 14PK - Flowers, Intricate by Paula Pascual 659975,
    the Big Shot with its magnetic platform; a small glass dome, some  small dry branches from my garden, a glue gun, green and yellow faux moss.

    I started by die cutting the butterflies. I die cut the black card with the intricate die, and with the solid butterfly matching die I die cut white card that I sprayed with different colored misters. (Use plain colored card if you wish, it works almost as well.)

    Then, I glue them together by just applying glue on the body of the butterfly.

    To glue the branches in a vertical position, I used the hot glue gun, making sure that they didn't stick out too much so that they fit inside the glass dome.

    To disquise the obvious glue, I place some more glue and sprinkled artificial moss.

    Then I placed the butterflies. Again, glued with hot glue gun. Finally I added a sentiment from Basic Grey Fresh Cut collection stickers that I had in my stash.

    And there it is...

    It didnt take long at all to make and the result it is quite pleasing!

    Have a very Happy Crafting New Year!

  • Personalised Christmas table decorations using Sizzix dies

    Monday, 22 December, 2014

    Last minute Christmas decorations? Well, if you are like me (always leaving everything for the last minute) then yes, is now or never!

    Here is a simple way of making Christmas table decorations in the shape of napkin holders. The idea came because we are going to be six people during Christmas in my parents house, and since my parents insist on using traditional fabric napkins, I thought to personalized holders would be a good idea.

    Since they only have to last about a week, i thought paper and chipboard would be good enough, otherwise I would have used fabric which last much longer and still can be die cut nicely. 

    I used  Sizzix Bigz XL Alphabet Die - Word Play 657837, 659976 Sizzix - Ornament Tree by Paula Pascual and Sizzix Bigz Die - Circles 656333.
    i attached the papers (Apsen Frost from Basic Grey) and attached them to mount board (the stuff used to frame pictures which is prettier than chipboard).
    Then I die cut the circles (medium circle of the die) and die cut plain paper using the smaller circle included in the die.
    I used the paper attached to the mount board to die cut the letters that correspond to our family's initials.

    Using a distress ink, I inked all the edges and then glue them together. Using a glue gel I attached cardboard cylinders to the back.

    I let the glue dry completely. I was going to take the easy option and spray paint the backs, but then I opted for paper. Finally, to add extra detail, I used the leftovers - all the little flowers and dots - from the Ornament Tree (659976 Sizzix - Ornament Tree by Paula Pascual).

    And, this is how all looked together once finished, I quite like them!

    And while my mum will insists on using proper table linen, I don't have any so I had to use kitchen paper towels for the photo. But you get the idea!

  • Christmas Box decoration using Sizzix dies

    Monday, 8 December, 2014

    Christmas is only a few days away. But I like to make small decorations each year during the month of December. This time I have made a box for an artificial tea light candle.

    I used the Thinlits Christmas Phrase Cards 659973, card, vellum and adhesives.

    I took a piece of red card that measure 6 x 12".
    I started with the smaller of the two outer cards included in the set as a guideline on where to make the score lines, top, bottom and side always on the outside of the die.
    then I scored those long horizontal lines.

    By placing the same die over I ensured that it was the right size each time. You see that die create a thin border but with the added metal on the side creates a perfect size panel as you can see on the right.

    I kept making marks and scoring each panel.

    The final one creates a tiny 5th panel which is brilliant to close the box.

    Before starting to die cut I made a few marks. Left, you can see the two arrows on the little strip to make sure that I die cut the Phrase cards all in the right direction (as you can see I did the same with the die with a permanent marker after I did a mistake). I also wrote Back on the left panel to make sure I did not die cut it.

    Because this die has a lot of detail and you have to die cut it for the box laid horizontally every time I die cut it I turned it over to make sure all the words are die cut. I secure the die each time with low tack tape to make sure the die is in the correct position all the time, even if I had to run it through the machine a second time.

    Once finished die cutting it should look like this.

    I used the same die to die cut a shiny mirri gold card to add more reflection to the light and attached it to the back panel.

    I also die cut three vellum cards to attach from the inside so that the light would be more diffused.

    To assemble the box I trimmed the tabs to make the folds better, as well as the bottom to become thinner so that I could place the battery operated tea light. I glue the little 5th panel o the back using wet adhesive for a strong hold.

    I then glue the tabs together and place a square card to make it look prettier.

    And here it is, lighted and with the lights of the room on.

    You can do this one in so many diferent ways, I hope you give it a try.

  • Christmas tree decorations! Christmas Challenge week 3!

    Monday, 24 November, 2014

    It's week three of the Sizzix Christmas Challenge 2014! And it is Tree Decorations! So I decided to do a large bubble with a decorated inside.

    For this third Christmas Challenged I used:

    Thinlits™ Die Set 9PK - Winter Borders & Rosette by Paula Pascual 659978
    Thinlits™ Die Set 9PK - Christmas Phrase Cards by Paula Pascual 659973
    Framelits Die Set 8PK - Circles #2 658604
    Bigz Die - Ribbon, 3-D 658978

    And I used the free downloadable papers from Sizzix, click here for the link.

    I started by die cutting the rosette from the Winter Borders & Rosette set. I die cut two strips and covered the back with washi tape to make sure that the perforating lines don't brake. (They usually don't, but if you live in a very dry place or have the heating up as I do, the fibers are more brittle and tend to break much easily than they should.)
    I cut the strips to be five pointers each amd making sure that one of the ends ended in a W and the other on a M. Then I linked those to create a lampshade sort of shape.

    I die cut two circles using the medium circle die included in the set. I placed a bop of  hot glue in the center of one and pressed down on the rosette. then I used another circle to secure it in place.

    I used a double sided adhesive sheet from Stix2 on white paper and die cut it using the larger circle die from the Winter Borders & Rosette set. I removed the backing of and placed the white paper die cut snowflake (also from the Winter Borders & Rosette). Then I dumped in my gold flake tub and rub any excess off - To see more of this technique click here.

    I finished it off layering it with circles die cut from the Circles #2 set. On the opposite side I die cut the word peace from the Christmas Phrase Cards and snowflakes. Then I placed it on a plastic bubble and pour chunky matte glitter. Finally I added a die cut bow, embellishments from the Hobby House and a ribbon loop.

    And there it is...
    Soft Christmas Tree Decoration!

  • Christmas floating card

    Monday, 10 November, 2014

    Hello! We are now close to Christmas so it is really time to make our Christmas cards. Perfect timing for the Christmas Challenge!

    Using the free downloadable papers from Sizzix - click here to download - I made a floating Christmas card.

    After I downloaded the paper (click here for the link) I printed them in white textured paper. I trimmed the stripy blue paper to fit inside of a white square card. I checked which size of circle would fit for the printed blue snowflake. I took the next one up from the same set of Framelits 658604 Sizzix Framelits Die Set 8PK - Circles #2 and die cut the centre of the card.

    I also die cut the blue circle and then I die cut a snowflake from the 659978 Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 9PK - Winter Borders & Rosette.  Then I took a white thread and glued verticlly top and bottom of the circle aperture.

    Once dried, I placed the blue circle and attached it to the thread. I then place an identically size circle die cut from the printed snowflake paper.

    To cover the back of the aperture, I placed the exact same die that I used for the aperture on top of it, with the blade edge upwards and two pieces of really low tack tape facing upwards as well. Then I placed the paper already trimmed to size facing upwards. Yes, should be placed front upwards, I made a mistake for the photos, it really should be front up, otherwise it wont work.

    Once that the piece of paper is centered on all edges, press down and the low tack tape will hold the die in the exact place. Then die cut using your Big Shot and glue down.

    Finally I added a strip from the printed papers to create a vertical line between the top and the bottom.

    I hope you enjoy this little tutorial!

    Happy crafting!

  • A layout with lots of flowers!

    Monday, 27 October, 2014

    October is being a busy month for me but a great one too. In June my cousin Angela (who is one of my closest friends as well as being my cousin) and I decided we wanted to participate in this year' Ofrenda de las Flores in our native Zaragoza (Spain). It is a lovely fairly modern (sixty years or so) celebration and it consist of dressing up in our local traditional attire and take flowers to a Virgin Mary statue. We already done it together once before fifteen years ago and we felt it would be nice to do it again. So we did! We had a blast that day and the previous and after days, and because of it I felt I really needed to keep the memories with a layout.

    I wanted a layout with pictures of us two. As she lives in Spain and I in London we dont have that many moments of us together, so this is more about us than the sights. I printed my favorite in a larger and then the rest in more or less half the size. I cut all the photos to size ready for later.

    I like to have a border all round and a white base. It is something that I do all the time, and I always cut the bit of the patterned middle to save for a future project. Frugal? Me? Of course!

    I placed all the photos on the page and started to pull different dies to see how would they look. Since I was there to bring flowers, I thought it had to have loads of them so I die cut them using my Intricate Flowers 2 dies and the Happy card from the Phrase cards set.

    Finally, I added embellishments for the centers and some printed stickers from the same collection as the papers which is Spice Market from Basic Grey.

    And a couple of close ups:

    I treasure this moments and I think it is important to capture and preserve them. That is the point of scrapbooking, isn't it?

  • Snowflake rosette and borders dies!

    Monday, 13 October, 2014

    So, those Christmas cards... well, if you are organized it would be a would idea to start them now. Here you have an idea using one of my latest dies for Sizzix, Thinlits Die Set 9PK - Winter Borders & Rosette - 659978.

    The set consist of 9 dies, three borders, a rosette die, a snowflake, a flower and three circles. To make the rosette you will need two lengths of it, so just die cut it twice.

    You can make it larger or smaller, but I like my rosette to have eight points, so I trim two on both. Then I glue the ends.

    I die cut two circles to secure it in place. I used cool glue gun, a big blop of glue in the centre. 

    I pushed the center to the glue. Then I used the smaller circle on top and pushed down to secure it in place.

    One of the borders included in the set is the one I call Candy Cane as creates the diagonal lines of the sweet. This one fits nicely on a A6 card creating the apertures.

    Perfect for a red card with a white insert. The second border has dots and stars and this one mesures up 6 inches tall and it does cut all four borders.

    Quickly, I assembled this Christmas card with all the elements.
    Good luck with your Christmas cards!

  • Blackboard Elements Frame

    Monday, 29 September, 2014

    I have been wanting to do this idea for a while, but I couldn't find the right product. Then, on a lazy Sunday in Brighton I found the decal blackboard material in a kitchen supplies shop and then I realized I didn't look for the right words! Blackboard Vinyl thats what I should have looked for!

    Anyway, I found it as well as some coloured chalk, a deep IKEA frame and with two of my new dies sets, the Sizzix® Framelits™ Fancy Cards 659967 and Oval Cards 659968.

    The Fancy and Oval cards are designed to fit pocket scrapbook protectors as they are just under 3 x 4" but they are useful for so many different things, like this project.

    The vinyl is thin enough to die cut with Framelits as it is just about a card thickness wise. I die cut two of the largest ones and two of the smaller ones (no smallest). I cut some stripy paper to the same measure of the frame, which is 9 x 9".

    Because of the vinyl nature, they are re positionable so don't worry to much at putting them exactly perfect. I placed the glass so it's all the way back which will leave me an edge to place the chalk.

    And there you have it. A quick and simple project!

  • Scraptastic!

    Wednesday, 17 September, 2014

    I know I don't often feature Scrapbook layouts on this blog mainly due to time constraints, but I do love scrapbooking, especially as it is responsible for so many great products to play with and innumerable cool techniques to learn, all of which filters into my other crafty interests.

    I was going to make a card with the magnificent Thinlits Die Set Winter Borders and Rosette designed by my good buddy Paula Pascual. this is one set from Paula's new Everyday Collection released this month, I implore you to check it out (if you love delicate butterflies then look no further!!!)

    When I say I was going to make a card, I promised Barbara at a show in Manchester that I would do just that, however I couldn't resist doing a little layout, I hope you will forgive me?

    Below you will see the die set mentioned previously, an 8" x 8" square of card (all the card is from the My Mind's Eye Lost & Found 3 Collection) and three photo's of my daughter Poppy taken in the heavy snow we had in the UK a couple of years back.

    At this point I have no idea what I am going to do!

    OK! I now have a rough plan/idea so I'm going to start by die cutting a circle from Kraft card using the largest Circle Framelits die. I have combined both sets of Circle Framelits and between them I have every size I need ( 657551 and 658604). After die-cutting the first circle I place the die which is the next sized down onto the die-cut circle slightly offset. I repeat this twice more until I have three thin kraft card rings. Next, I use a brayer to apply a thin layer of gesso.

    I cut a rectangle of the pale blue dotty paper and trimmed away one edge using the snowflake border die. I applied some rows of faux stitching using a pattern makers wheel and a white gel pen before attaching all the separate elements to the layout together with a die-cut silver snowflake border.
    From the same dotty card I cut two halves of the snowflake rosette and proceeded to lighten the tips by dry brushing with gesso. Next, I concertina folded the two halves before attaching end to end to form a crown before folding in toward the centre to create the rosette. I usually secure this at the rear with a piece of scrap card attached with a hot glue gun to get a solid bond. I next die-cut a deep blue circle, a silver snowflake and a deep blue border strip whose edges I gently sanded to add a little contrast.

    I attached all the elements to the layout together with the photos and a rectangle of green patterned card which has been lightly distressed. I covered a piece of mount board with the deep blue card and used the Block Talk Lowercase Alphabet Die to cut the letters and printed the word 'Princess' onto the green card using my PC. I have a set of similar alphabet stamps which would work equally as well. After attaching the words to my layout I started to add a little bling in the form of assorted adhesive pearls and gems.

    Finally, I die cut a circle from card and used it as a template around which I attached a row of clear adhesive gems using my trusty tweezers before removing the card circle.

    Here is the finished article, lots of fun to do as always, I think the green really lifts it especially as I could use pearl gems of a similar colour. I love the way the circles give it a sense of movement. 

    So many little time!

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