• Monday, 21 July, 2014

    This week I have been inspired by the Prima dies that just been released this month.
    I love Gears, I do think they are great as less feminine flowers, a perfect add on to cards and layouts, but the also make lovely jewelry.

    I made a similar one using the old Tim Holtz gear dies a few years a go. But as it is made out of mount board - or passepartout as it is called in some areas, the stuff used to mount art piece on frames - it tends to age fast if worn a lot.

    So I decided to make a new version using the new Prima die Sizzix Bigz Die - Love Gears 659709.

    I die cut several gears out of mount board. At the end I only used two designs out of the four included on the die. I attached them together with strong wet glue and I let them dry completely.

    Then I used Liquid Leaf which is a high shine metallic medium and painted all over it. To distress it a bit, I added some other metallic tints using a wax from the same manufacturer.

    Finally I added a chain using a jump ring and the own circle hole of each gear to unite it.

    It is an statement piece, but I think it is perfect as they are all the rage now!

  • Kitchen paper towels and embossing folders

    Monday, 7 July, 2014

    Today I am back with techniques using textured impressions folders and something so basic as kitchen paper towel.

    From Sizzix I used:

    I started by laying plenty of old newspapers to protect my working area. Then I place a single sheet of kitchen paper towel. It is important that it is plain white otherwise the patterns will show through. Then spray the chosen sprays around.

    Once you are happy with all the colours, apply clear embossing powder while the ink of the sprays is still wet. The reason why I used paper towels rather than toilet paper is because they are very different. One (toilet paper) is designed to disintegrate with water and there fore coloured sprays will damages the paper itself, and the other (paper towel) is designed to not disintegrate even with loads of water, perfect for this technique.

    Use a heat gun to melt the powder. This step is to give the paper towel some rigidity in order for the next step. You can see that the paper now does not bend like it would without the embossing powder.

    I trimmed a rectangle and embossed it. You can see on the right photo how it retains the patterned embossed. 

    To highlight the embossed pattern, I used Black StazOn all over. Dabbing gently in circular motions. I die cut the hearts with the rest of the towel using the starter kit framelit and bigz die.

    To add the message, I used one of my stamp messages and layered on black card. The white card I also spritz with exactly the same sprays, yet the effect is more muted due to the card/paper towel different consistencies.

    And this is the finished card.

    I hope you like this technique and have fun with it!

  • Frameworks dies as masks for gold flakes

    Monday, 23 June, 2014

    One of my long time always in my craft room product are any type of gold flakes or faux gold leaf. they add a different kind of metallic effect that not card mirri or shiny would ever do. 
    One of my favourite products form the latest releases from Mr. Tim Holtz are the Frameworks dies, dies that are perfect for a lot of different technique. And if you know me, you will know that I love techniques. Frameworks dies make wonderful masks, gap cards and templates. Here is one of those techniques.

    I die cut first the Frameworks-Chevron die using white textured card. As usual, I put the textured card facing the foam that will make the textured side the front. Then I took a piece of Stix2 double sided sticky sheet and attached it to a plain card to give it some extra stability, though is not necessary. 
    I lifted the remain protective sheet and place over it the Chevron (texture side up). I protected the adhesive placing the protective sheet over it.

    I placed on to the biz die from the Big Shot Starter kit but any Bigz die with a bold shape will work. Once die cut, I removed the protective sheet and use the left overs from the Chevron die to fill the one area that looked a bit bare. this in itself is another way to do this technique as you will see bellow.

    Then I placed the heart with the sticky side up on a plastic container that holds my gold flakes. Using a scrunchy tool (usually sold on its own as a gold flake tool) I made sure that all sticky areas were covered and that any excess was pulled away and back in the container. On the right photo you can see the effect.

    As I mentioned, this technique can be used as well with just the off bits like in the card bellow.

    And finally a close up of the golden flakes effect bellow.

    I think it is a very elegant way to add some metallics to your work, specially if you mix it up with matte and soft colours. I love it and I hope you try this technique soon!

  • Card Card for a child!

    Monday, 9 June, 2014

    I can take or leave pick-up cars, but it seems that men like them very much. So when I saw a cars set by Stephanie Barnard (659204 Sizzix Framelits Die Set 8PK w/Stamps - Cars) I knew I would made some cards with it.

    I started by creating an aperture on a A6 card with one of the medium sized rectangles (  658610 Sizzix Framelits Die Set 10PK - Rectangles #2). On the left over I stamped the pick up stamp using green ink.

    I placed the matching Framelit die over it  and die cut it. I then create a frame using two of the larger rectangles. I attached those to the front of the card.

    I die cut the wheels also included on the same set. Then I stamped the message and trimmed it down as a banner.

    And this is the finished card. Simple but effective!

  • Jumbo and Tattered Florals for Home Decor projects

    Monday, 26 May, 2014

    One of the most popular Sizzix dies has to be Tattered Florals. They are fantastic as there are four flowers in different sizes and shapes and being a Bigz die means that versatility is warrantied. Loads of us crafters cheered when Tim Holtz released the Jumbo Tattered Florals.
    I adore flowers, layering them, using them in different sizes and making them 3D.  That is why I was really looking forward to the opportunity to use the original Tattered Florals and the Jumbo ones. 

    There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to assemble the Tattered Florals, but here is a quick reminder.

    I die cut four large flowers. Then I made some cuts (clockwise): On one made just a cut, on the second I cut a petal off, on the third one I cut two petals off and finally on the fourth flower I cut three petals or cut in half.
    Then I glued each end petals to each other and shaped the ends of the flowers using the Susan's Garden Tool Kit.

    To assemble the layers I started with the centre (but you may want to start with the larger layer) rolling up the single petal and then added the other layers of petals. Trim the bottom ends of the flowers to be able to layer the petals closely together. To glue the layers, I used a cold melt glue gun. Quick and strong hold.

    I repeat the same process with the largest flower from the original Tattered Florals. And the final results on the right hand side. Top is the Jumbo one and bottom the original Florals, quite a big difference is size.

    I did the same with the rest of the flowers in both the Tattered Florals and the Jumbo ones.

    All in all, six fine 3D flowers. I attached them to this nice wooden coat hanger, added the leaves using the Jumbo Florals I finished the decorating by adding a die cut Frameworks Courtyard.

  • An embroidered card using textured folders

    Monday, 12 May, 2014

    Today I am sharing an idea that goes back to my first handmade cards: using embroidery thread on them, but using an embossing folder as pattern.

    I used the embossing folder from the Big Shot Starter Kit - any embossing folder with dots could be used for this -, piercing tool, foam mat, embroidery thread and white card.

    Once I embossed the white card, I started piercing the larger embossed dots.

    Using a thread an needle I embroidered the going in lines with different colour thread. From start to finish it doesn’t take long at all.

    To add the focal point, I die cut the flowers from the Flower, Star Framelits and Stamps set, assembled them together and then I assembled them on the card.

     Simple and quick, but effective with all the different textures, and it brings back to my early teens making Christmas cards back home in Mallorca!

  • Monday, 28 April, 2014

    Today I am sharing a fresh table decor using a dry branch from my garden and the Big Shot Starter Kit.

    First I die cut several Hearts and Circles using chipboard and the Bigz die included in the Starter kit. Then I die cut the same shapes out patterned of paper. I used the RSVP collection from Basic Grey. 
    I attached die cut papers to either side of the chipboards shapes. Usually I die cut the chipboard with the patterned paper already attached, but as I wasn't sure what papers I wanted for each shape, I decided to do afterwards.

     I then made a hole on the top of the shapes. I used large jump rings and attach them to each shape.

    In some cases, I linked two of them in some cases and in others just the one.  Finally I used a hot glue gun to attach other shapes directly on to the branch.

    I put the branch on a glass jar filled with sand. That is the finished project, I hope you like it!

  • A masculine card made with the die cut flowers?

    Monday, 21 April, 2014

    Often I hear crafters struggle for ideas to create cards for men. I am lucky that the men in my life like simple designs a style which comes natural to me. However, I do believe that there are a few things that men will like, mainly that the card is not feminine and that is mostly achieve by colours and embellishments rather than shapes.

    I loved this paper collection by Prima called Cartographer.

    I die cut the two rectangles using the Rectangles 2 Framelits which is a perfect A6 size and it frames from there downwardly so its perfect to create mats and layers. 
    The label I die cut using the larger label Framelit die from the Big Shot Starter Kit.

    I stamped the sentiment on to the patterned paper and die cut using the smaller label from the Big Shot Starter Kit.

    Then I die cut the flowers using the Big Shot Starter Kit framelit flower and the one included in the Sizzlit. I shaped them using the Susan's Garden Tool kit - which is excellent and really well put together.

    I finished the card by adding some Finnabair Prima metal embellishments and self adhesive black pearls.

    I hope at least some men will like this card!

  • A simple pen pot with a leafy die cut border

    Monday, 14 April, 2014

    Last week I shared a little project I did using a lid from a canister. Well, I couldn't just throw away the canister, could I?

    A simple pen pot came to my mind.

    I first covered the canister with a strip of paper, but as the background is pretty I left the top and bottom show. I used magnets from inside and outside to secure the paper in place while the wet glue dried. That allowed me to do other things while it dried.

    I die cut the border using white card and the Leafy Border. Where the ends come together I I trimmed the edges a bit so the joined part is not as obvious. 

     I then die cut thin foam with a Framelit circle. Framelits are not warrantied to die cut foam, but some may do if the foam is really thin and the dies has a simple blade design. This foam is to be placed on the bottom of the pot so that I can place scissors upside down and the blade or the bottom wont get damaged.

     And here you have. A pretty simple but effective pen pot. And free!

  • A big photo magnet with die cut flowers

    Monday, 7 April, 2014

    I love boxes, tins and anything in between. I can't bare to throw away anything, just in case I find a function or a project for it.

    So, it came to no surprise when I could not bare to throw away this canister with metallic top and bottom. It was actually the lid that first capture my imagination to create a big photo magnet. I used the Circle and Circles #2 Framelits dies through out the project to cut the circles.

    The great thing about combining both framelits sets is that you can create really thin frames, like I needed to for the edge of the metal lid. I selected the right two sizes and die cut first the smallest one.

    Then, I placed the larger one on to the die cut paper. Usually you can die cut both at the same time, but this two dies are so close in size that it would be impossible to do so. I secured the Framelit die with a few pieces of low tack tape. As you can see it is a really thin circle frame.

    For the centre, I decided on using this photo of my husband and I at one of our favourite places in Mallorca - where I grew up. Another joy of the framelits is that you can see exactly where you die cut, no cut faces anymore! To create a small metallic frame around, I used the larger circle die cut from the Circle Wrappers die set, which contains two different sized circle dies not included in the other two.

    Finally I added some flowers that I die cut using the Intricate Flowers and the Bunch of Flowers framelits sets. Finally I added a strong magnet to the back, covered it with strong tape and secure it with a piece of round paper. 

    And here it it is finished, used to hold one of my nieces drawings.

    Come back next week to see what I did with the other part of the box.

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