• Personalised Christmas table decorations using Sizzix dies

    Monday, 22 December, 2014

    Last minute Christmas decorations? Well, if you are like me (always leaving everything for the last minute) then yes, is now or never!

    Here is a simple way of making Christmas table decorations in the shape of napkin holders. The idea came because we are going to be six people during Christmas in my parents house, and since my parents insist on using traditional fabric napkins, I thought to personalized holders would be a good idea.

    Since they only have to last about a week, i thought paper and chipboard would be good enough, otherwise I would have used fabric which last much longer and still can be die cut nicely. 

    I used  Sizzix Bigz XL Alphabet Die - Word Play 657837, 659976 Sizzix - Ornament Tree by Paula Pascual and Sizzix Bigz Die - Circles 656333.
    i attached the papers (Apsen Frost from Basic Grey) and attached them to mount board (the stuff used to frame pictures which is prettier than chipboard).
    Then I die cut the circles (medium circle of the die) and die cut plain paper using the smaller circle included in the die.
    I used the paper attached to the mount board to die cut the letters that correspond to our family's initials.

    Using a distress ink, I inked all the edges and then glue them together. Using a glue gel I attached cardboard cylinders to the back.

    I let the glue dry completely. I was going to take the easy option and spray paint the backs, but then I opted for paper. Finally, to add extra detail, I used the leftovers - all the little flowers and dots - from the Ornament Tree (659976 Sizzix - Ornament Tree by Paula Pascual).

    And, this is how all looked together once finished, I quite like them!

    And while my mum will insists on using proper table linen, I don't have any so I had to use kitchen paper towels for the photo. But you get the idea!

  • Candy Stripe Cushion

    Monday, 22 December, 2014

    Both of my boys have been poorly with a particularly nasty sickness bug over the last week and so any sewing has had to fall into the 'relaxing and not requiring too much brain-power ' category. For that reason I opted for something I've done before and piece half-square triangles to make a festive candy stripe design, the same design used for the background to the advent calendar I made a couple of months back.

    This time it's destined to become a Christmassy cushion cover to fit a large square cushion that lives on our sofa.
    I used the Half-Square Triangles, 4 1/2in Finished Square die and my Big Shot to cut all of the red and white triangles. It was soothingly repetitive cutting them all out and then sewing them together - and much easier than convincing either of my sons to have some "disgusting" medicine.

    Once I had pieced a block to the size needed for the cushion I gave it a final press and set to quilting it. I've seen a few quilts quilted with a spiral working out from the centre recently and loved the effect and so was inspired to try something similar. Whilst this is a Christmas cushion I thought using a star as the central shape and then continuing out and winding around it might look good. I made an 8 pointed star template by cutting out two squares with 2in sides and sticking one on top of the other at 45 degrees to the one below. Then with a water erasable pen I drew around the star in the centre of the cushion front and using those lines as a guide, also drew a smaller star inside it.

    I quilted around the smaller star, beginning at a point and then when back at the start-point carried the stitch-line out to the larger star and wound out from there, using the previous stitch lines as a guide to form each new layer of the star-shaped spiral. The seams of the half-square triangles helped to keep the quilting in line and not skew off course.

    I had no concept when I began quilting it quite how long it would take to complete as I don't normally quilt so densely but it was, as before, soothingly repetitive and easy enough once in the swing of it.

    It might not be finished by Christmas Day but it will be nice to sit down and bind the edges in front of a film over the festive break.

    Have a very Happy Christmas!

  • Cute gift bags using 'Christmas Trims #1 and #2.

    Sunday, 21 December, 2014

    Hi there friends of Sizzix!

    I hope all is going well with your special plans and Christmas preparations.

    For today I made a couple of decorated gift bags.
    I guess we are all going to need a lot of those in the next few days :-)

    I used a couple of small ready made kraft bags and decorated them with pretty patterned papers and flowers from Norwegian manufacturer Papirdesign.

    I am very fond of thes cute Christmas Trims #1 and #2  sets by Sizzix designer Debi Potter.
    I think this little snowman is super cute.
    The set comes with a sweet little bird and a tree as well that are perfect for making gift tags.

    So you see, as long as you have the right dies there is a lot that you can do even with limited time.
    No need to fret even if you  have not been able to finish everything yet. (I am sure you are not alone.) Good Luck!

    A Very Merry Christmas from me to you!!

    I used:
    Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 9PK - Winter Borders & Rosette
    Sizzix Framelits Die Set 7PK - Ovals
    Sizzix Framelits Die Set 7PK - Circles, Scallop
    Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 5PK - Christmas Trims #2
    Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 4PK - Christmas Trims

    Hej alla vänner av Sizzix!
    Jag hoppas att alla har framgång i sina julförberedelser. För detta inlägget har jag preparerat några små söta presentkassar. Jag tror att vi alla kommer behöva en hel del av denna sorten under de närmaste dagarna.Kassarna har jag köpt färdiga. Jag har dekorerat dom med fina papper och decorationer från norska Papirdesign.
    Jag tycker mycket om Christmas Trims #1 and #2  av Sizzix designer Debi Potter. Denna snömannen är jättesöt. De andra diesen i set'et är bl a en gran och en söt fågel, och dessa är perfekta för att göra presentlappar.
    Som ni ser så finns det fortafarande tid att göra mycket bara man har de rätta diesen och ideerna.
    Om du inte är riktigt klar än så är du nog inte ensam,.... Lykka till med inspurten!

    Och slutligen vill jag önska er alla en  Riktigt God Jul och ett Gott Nytt År!! 

    Jag använde:

    Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 9PK - Winter Borders & Rosette
    Sizzix Framelits Die Set 7PK - Ovals
    Sizzix Framelits Die Set 7PK - Circles, Scallop
    Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 5PK - Christmas Trims #2
    Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 4PK - Christmas Trims

  • Crafting On The Go

    Saturday, 20 December, 2014

    I am just returning from a trip to Disney World with our daughter, SIL and grandsons- 2 1/2 and 10 months old. What a fun and magical experience to see the Disney characters through the eyes of little ones.

    I have to say I did miss my creative time- those guys kept us hopping! But one thing I like about die cutting is that you can cut things ahead of time and bring them with you. I cut a stack of the new Recipe Cards & Labels and a few Recipe Card Boxes from the new Vintage Kitchen collection and tucked them in my bag. I was able to pull them out at various points when I had a few minutes to myself to create (after the little ones were in bed!) 

    These dies are versatile- you can use them in so many ways! I really like how they feel when you die cut them from matboard- they are nice and sturdy to write on and take inks and sprays really well- but they are great cut from watercolor paper or patterned paper too.

    The Recipe Card measures 3" x 4"- the same size as Project Life cards so they will fit in pocket pages. Or as the name suggests, they may be used for recipes or you could fill a box with coupons (one batch of cookies every month), flash cards for spelling or math, or adhere a gift card to the front. If you fold a piece of paper in half and place the fold just inside the cut line of the die, you can also make a small card. 

    You can fit about eight to ten matboard cards in a Recipe Card Box. I also like to write on the box- on this one I lettered Eileen's Journaling Cards- but you can easily personalize it with a person's name, event or occasion.

    The Recipe Card Box goes together so easily with just two lines of strong double sided tape- 
    I used iCraft tape by ThermOWeb.

    Today we had seven hours to kill at the airport waiting for our flight and I was able to work on some cards.

    Visit my blog to see how to make these Quick and Easy Journaling Cards and for lots more ideas and inspiration on ways to use these Vintage Kitchen dies.

    Here are just a few more ideas to tempt you! They were created by my amazing Inspiration Team:

     Lisa Hoel creates a festive gift basket with the Loaf Pan!

    Shelly Hickox creates an adorable ornament with the Cookie Box die.

    A walk down Memory Lane with Michelle Zerull- a storefront made from the Canister die.

     Tracy Evans makes an adorable Winter Wonderland Birdhouse with the Canister die!

    Anne Redfern creates a Caroling vignette with the Artist Trading Blocks dies!

    I hope you will join our Art With Heart Challenge and show us what you have been working on. A prize is involved!

  • New Year card by Olga

    Saturday, 20 December, 2014

    Hello all, 

    here is my new card with the wonderful Sizzix dies. It's another New Year card. I really like those leaf dies so I often use them for my winter projects.

    The products I used:


  • A nordic quilt finished

    Saturday, 20 December, 2014

    Hi everyone! After a week full of work I could to finish this " monster ", my super warm nordic quilt that all family love.

     The size is  59.5 " x 68" ( 5 blocks x 5 blocks ) and it is a really heavy and big quilt .

    As you remember I used  these two dies.

    I sew big blocks   , each one is 12"x 14" ( finished )  and are made for one or two rows of  3 little squares or  half square triangles plus a big rectangle and sometimes 4.
    I added some big block made of one fabric and other I had to adjust the size.

    One of the best things  about this quilt is the backing, a nice fleece fabric I found in my local store.

    I did a sandwich but I changed the  position of the layers. First  the backing upside, then the top, right side with right side and  finally the batting. 

     I did in this way because I was  going to sew all around , leaving  something opened and  taking out everything through the " big hole " . 
    Anyway, I want  to explain  this technique much  better in my blog Las labores de Mercedes  next week . So go there  if you want to see more details in the  pics. 

    I didn´t want a traditional quilting with my machine. I preferred  tied the quilt and don ´t loose the idea I had at the beginning. 
     So I used some white wool  and a needle to  do a knot  on the corners of every big block 

    I hope you enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day  with family . Have Happy Holidays !!

    ......................................................... *********************.....................................................

    ¡Hola a todo el mundo ¡ Después de una semana llena de trabajo, pude acabar este “ monstruo “ mi super cálido quilt de estilo nórdico.
    El tamaño final es de    151 cm x    172 cm  y está hecho de 5 bloques por 5 bloques y es realmente  un quilt  grande y pesado. 

    Como recorderás he usado dos troqueles para cortar cuadrados y medios triángulos.

    Cosí  bloques grandes de  una medida de 30.5 cm x 35.5 cm ya terminado. Están hechos de una  o dos filas  de 3  cuadrados o cuadrados con medios triángulos más un rectángulo grande  . En algún caso  he cosido filas de 4 bloques pequeños.
    Alguno de los bloques grandes están hechos de una sola tela.También tuve que ajustar en algún caso los bloques para completar la medida requerida . 

    Una de las mejores cosas de este quilt es la trasera que he elegido , un bonito borreguillo como aterciopelado en color crudo que compré en  la tienda de retales de mi localidad.
    Hice el sandwich cambiando la posición de la guata , top y trasera. Primero coloqué la trasera boca arriba y encima el top, derecho con derecho y por último la guata.
    Lo hice así porque iba a coser todo alrededor dejando una parte sin coser y luego sacando por ahí todo el quilt para darle la vuelta.
    De todas  maneras , la semana que viene  lo explicaré mejor con algunas fotos en mi blog Las labores de Mercedes .
    No quería un acolchado tradicional a máquina sino que preferí atar unos nudos con lana blanca sobre las esquinas de los bloques grandes. Esa siempre fue mi idea desde el principio.

    Espero que disfrutes la próxima Nochebuena y Navidad con la familia. 
    ¡¡Que tengas Felices Fiestas !! 

  • Baubles before my eyes!

    Thursday, 18 December, 2014

    You remember last week when I said I hadn't done any shopping or writing of Christmas cards - well - I still haven't started the cards - but fortunately my husband has - and all the cards that need posting have been written! I have bought some presents - so I'm still fairly confident that I can sleep sometime between now and Christmas eve.
    So this is my final offering for quick makes for Christmas - using another die designed by Tim Holtz  - Retro decorations otherwise known as Christmas Baubles  -
    and I've used it on a place mat for the dinning table and also on a hand towel - which can either be the finishing touch to your festive decorating - or an easy small gift for an emergency -
    I used the same die and method for the towel and the place mat - fusing web to the back of the cotton fabric before cutting using the die and Big Shot.
    For the place mat I pinned and stitched some narrow white and silver ribbon in place -
    and then positioned the baubles- fused them in place and stitched around the edges. to complete I tied 4 small bows with the ribbon and stitched in place at the top of each bauble.
    For the towel I only used the 3 oval baubles and placed them along the non looped border, fusing and stitching them in place, and then added a small bow to the top of each one.
    So that is my last pre Christmas make for this blog - I hope you like these simple ideas.
    Now I have to layer up and quilt a lap quilt for a friend and them make 3 dressing gowns for my grand-daughters - the kettle is on!
    I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, and manage to relax and enjoy this very special day.

  • Christmas layout by Karine

    Thursday, 18 December, 2014


    Here is today’s program: a seasonal page with traditional matching colours and a touch of gold!

    Supply list:

    Papers: Elle's Studio, My Mind's Eye
    Cardstock: American Crafts
    Dymo label writer: Miss Clic
    Doily: Crate Paper
    Masking Tape
    Stamp: Jenni Bowlin Mercantile
    Ink: Black Versafine
    Others: Golden twine


    658300 : Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit
    659426: Sizzix Decorative Strip Die-Bow-Tied
    660058 : Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 17pk-holiday-words-script

    This is a very easy lay-out to create, with two horizontal pictures of the same size. A touch of whimsy is brought thanks to the right amount of gold elements (doily, twine and the My Mind’s Eye pattern paper).

    The word NOEL (so happy to have a French word now in my favourite dies) is cut out of kraft cardstock. It is so thin that you may want to glue it with a spray or a stick.

    I enjoyed using this pretty knot cut out of white cardstock. It brings volume and is a symbol that makes us remember about the numerous pretty presents that will be waiting for us under the Christmas tree this year!

    Have a lovely Thursday,



    Une petite page de saison avec des couleurs classiques assorties d'un soupçon de doré, voici le programme du jour !

    Matériel :

    Papiers : Elle's Studio, My Mind's Eye
    Cardstock : American Crafts
    Dymo : Miss Clic
    Napperon : Crate Paper
    Masking Tape
    Tampon : Jenni Bowlin Mercantile
    Encre : Versafine noire
    Divers : Cordelette dorée

    Dies utilisés :

    658300 : Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit
    659426 : Sizzix Decorative Strip Die-Bow-Tied
    660058 : Sizzix Thinlits Die Set 17pk-holiday-words-script

    Une page toute simple à réaliser avec deux photos horizontales de même format. La petite touche fantaisie est ajoutée ici par le judicieux dosage de dorure ( napperon, cordelette or et le papier imprimé My Mind's Eye.

    Le mot NOEL, yes ! Enfin un petit mot français chez mes petits dies chéris ! Celui-ci est découpé dans du cardstock kraft, il est tellement fin que je vous conseille d'utiliser de la colle en bombe ou baton pour le fixer.

    Je me suis faite plaisir avec ce joli noeud découpé dans du cardstock blanc, du volume et un symbole pour rappeler les nombreux jolis cadeaux qui seront je l'espère au pied de mon sapin cette année !

    Bon jeudi à vous


  • The Magnificent Seven

    Wednesday, 17 December, 2014

    I loved that film when I was a kid! It was always to be found in the festive TV schedule usually on a Sunday afternoon between Christmas and New Year. In this context however it is the most spurious title I have used this year and as regular readers will know, it has some stiff competition.

    I wanted to set myself a challenge again this week. The challenge was to create a number of different 'Quick Make' cards for last minute emergencies (we always forget someone!). I also wanted to use the same set of dies namely the marvellous Paper Snowflakes Thinlits set from Tim Holtz winter collection. I also used a couple of stamp sets the Christmas Reindeer set from Darkroom Door (DRD). The 'Let it Snow' stamp is from my stamp stash and I'm afraid I can't remember where it comes from!

    The reason that the title of this blog falls a little short is that ....... I only made six cards, OOOOPS!!

    .....and they are not that magnificent really, but I like 'em!

    They are as I said quick makes and it is pretty self evident how they were created so I did away with my usual step-by-step images and just added a few simple instructions to each picture, I hope they show a little bit of versatility for such a simple die set, I could have kept going for ages.... maybe one more would have been nice?

  • Bright hello

    Wednesday, 17 December, 2014

    I love Christmas dearly but right around now creating something non-Christmassy feels wonderful so I've made a bright cheerful card that can be send for any occasion.

    I went with a bright colour palette, a bold patterned paper and a minimum of embellishment for this card. It almost makes me think of spring...
    My main focus was a diecut hello (made with a die from Thinlits Die Set 7PK - You & Me) that I coloured in an ombre pattern using Inktense colour pencils. I diecut two extra words and glued under the one I'd coloured giving the word some dimension.

    I used a die from Thinlits Die Set 10PK - Phrase Cards to cut a black cardstock rectangle on which I ground my sentiment and a few embellishments. I tied some baker's twine around the card before adding the black rectangle to the card.
    Supply list:
    Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal)
    Sizzix Accessory - Magnetic Platform for Wafer-Thin Dies
    Inktense pencils (Derwent)
    Patterned Paper (Simple Stories)
    Enamel Dot (My Mind's Eye)
    Baker's twine
    Jeg holder meget af julen, men lige omkring på dette tidspunkt kan det være skønt at skabe noget, der overhoved ikke har noget med jul at gøre.
    Til dette kort valgte jeg friske farver, et enkelt mønstret papir og nogle få detaljer, og resultatet er et kort, der nærmest minder mig om forår.
    Fokus for kortet er et ord udstanset med en die fra Thinlits Die Set 7PK - You & Me. Jeg farvelagde ordet i en farveskala med Inktense farveblyanter, før jeg limede to udstansninger af samme ord under den farvelagte. Det giver ordet dimension.
    Med en die fra Thinlits Die Set 10PK - Phrase Cards udstansede jeg en sort rektangel, som jeg brugte til at samle mine forskellige detaljer på. Inden jeg monterede det på kortet, bandt jeg lidt baker's twine omkring kortet.
    Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal)
    Sizzix Accessory - Magnetic Platform for Wafer-Thin Dies
    Inktense farveblyanter (Derwent)
    Mønstret papir
    Enamel Dot (My Mind's Eye)
    Baker's twine

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