• clam chowder

    Monday, 5 May, 2014


    Don't worry - we haven't branched off into recipes, I couldn't think of a snappy title without thinking about food!

    So, I've had this die sitting around for too long. Every now and then it taunts me, daring me to give it a try. I've come close many times, but then I've popped it back into the box and moved on to something else.

    This weekend I was working on a hundred other things and it suddenly dawned on me - instead of piecing the clamshells (which I've tried before and I didn't get good results) I could applique them, but instead of using mylar to make templates (mylar is a hear resistant template material, like a light plastic but you can iron it, then pop the template out when you're done and reuse it) I could use some floriani stitch n wash fusible stabiliser and use that as templates. I've done it before with english paper piecing and it works brilliantly (you can find out more about it from this link).

    (sorry about the phone pic - for some reason my computer isn't letting me edit on picmonkey)

    I'll keep you posted - fingers crossed it all goes to plan! I'm quite excited about it!

  • Decorating a gift box with Frameworks dies and Tattered Florals.

    Sunday, 4 May, 2014

    Hi Sizzix friends,
    Nice to be back here for my Sunday post and hopefully to share some inspiration with you!

    I had this empty box of Turkish Delights on my scrap table that I wanted to alter  in some way. 
    I like the hexagonal shape and I had a lot of fun adding decorations to it. 

    Without further ado here are some pictures of how the box turned out:

    I started by decorating the lid. Firstly I cut out the dark paper for the top and then a strip of the damask pattern to go along the edge . For the top I also cut three pieces of the Frameworks Trellies die and glued them down to form a pretty pattern..

    I made a large flower using the Tattered Florals die . I also made two paper rosettes using the Mini Rosettes strip die . I layered these together with some other cute embellishments on top of the lid.

     For the edge of the lid I cut a piece of sequin ribbon and glued it down.

    The only thing remaining is to cut a nice wide strip of patterned paper to cover the rest of the box
    and finally glue a piece of backing paper to the bottom to make it look nice.

    Sizzix products used:

    659431 Sizzix Frameworks die, Trellies
    656640 Sizzix Bigz die Tattered florals
    656927 Sizzix Bigz die, Tattered leaves
    657177 Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative strip die, Mini paper rosettes

    Other products used from Papirdesign.

    Thanks for looking!!


    Hej hej alla vänner av Sizzix!
    Jag är glad att vara tillbake här för att förhoppningsvis dela med mig av lite inspiration!!   
    Jag har haft en top låda på mitt scrapbord ett tag för att altra.
    Jag gillar den sexkantiga formen och hade kul medan jag dekorerade den med blommor etc.

    Utan mera snack så har ni här en bild på hur den blev:

    Jag började med att dekorera locket. Jag skar ut en bit att täcka toppen och sedan en annan bit att gå runtom kanten. För toppen skar jag även ut Frameworks die, Trellies och placerade dom på ett täckande sätt.

    Jag gjorde en stor blomma med Tattered florals die och två pappers rosetter med Mini Paper Rosette strip die. Tillsammans med några andra söta dekorationer får dessa nu pryda locket.

    Jag klippte ut en lagom längd av paljettband för att täcka skarven mellan toppen och sidan av locket.

    Det enda som fattas nu är att skära ut en fin bred bit för att täcka resten av lådan och slutligen en sexkantig bit att limma på undersidan av lådan för att få en snygg avslutning.

    Sizzix produkter jag använt

    659431 Sizzix Frameworks die, Trellies
    656640 Sizzix Bigz die Tattered florals
    656927 Sizzix Bigz die, Tattered leaves
    657177 Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative strip die, Mini paper rosettes

    Andra produkter kommer från Papirdesign.

    Tack för att ni tittar inom!!

  • Two tags by Olga

    Saturday, 3 May, 2014

    Hello all! Today I would like to share with you my new 2 tags. I love using flowers in my projects so Sizzix roses suit them perfectly.

  • Planning an hexagon linen quilt

    Saturday, 3 May, 2014

    Some time ago I got some fat quarters of nice  linen fabric in different prints  from the Creative Fair in Madrid. They have been waiting for a new project and finally it has been their turn.

    I must to say I´m a lover of the traditional hexagon block in quilting, so I thought it would be a  good idea to try this kind of material in an hexagon quilt. 

    You know   that  hexagon are sewn  in the paper piecing  method. I saved a lot of time  doing the cutting of the cardboard and fabric  pieces using my Big Shot machine and  two of the  hexagon dies. 
    Oh, My !! I couldn´t believe how fast you can get a lot of cardboard  and fabric hexagons ready to use.

    I prefered using cereal cardboard  so I can enjoy the pieces in the future and recycle  them.
    Just you need  to cut the cardboard pieces smaller that the fabric and then  start  to prepare the individual pieces  and after that sew one to each other.
    I have done flowers with two kinds of linen ( cream and natural ) in the middle and alternating both of them.

    Around sixty pieces are already sewn by hand and more will be coming next weeks.
    I´m not in a hurry , just try to enjoy every moment with this addictive method!

    Here it´s the back .

    At this moment I don´t kow how big will be my quilt. I need to plan a border too....maybe with some natural linen.
    It´s a slow task to get all together  but I really love.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!





    Fat quarters from differents linen prints  ( I used 6 )
    Cream Linen
    Natural Linen

    Take a look to this Sizzix video and you will see how easy it is. My hexagons are bigger dies than the dies in the video.

    ..................................................................************* ..................................................................

    Hace algún tiempo que compré algunos fat quarters de lino en la feria Creativa de Madrid. Han estado esperando hasta encontrar un nuevo proyecto y finalmente les ha llegado el turno.

    Tengo que decir que me encanta este bloque tradicional   y pensé que sería una buena ocasión probar a hacerlo en lino.

    Como sabes son cosidos por el método de paper piecing. Ahorré un montón de tiempo haciendo los hexágonos en cartón  y en lino utilizando mi máquina Big Shot y dos de sus troqueles de hexágonos. ¡Dios mio! No podia creer lo rápido que  puedes conseguir tener  las piezas cortadas y listas para usar.

    Preferí utlizar cartón de  las cajas de cereales y tenerlas para futuros proyectos. Así puedo reciclarlas.
    Sólo necesitas cortar el cartón en hexágonos más pequeños que los de tela.. Preparas  las piezas indiduales y  después coses una a otras.

    He hecho flores con dos clases de lino ( el crema y el natural ) para el centro de la flor y  los he alternado.

    Unos sesenta hexágonos tengo ya listos y  seguiré añadiendo más . No tengo prisa, solo  quiero disfrutar  el momento  de este adictivo método.

    En las fotos podéis ver mis progresos tanto la vision general como la parte trasera.
    Es una tarea lenta porque están cosidos uno a uno a mano pero me encanta.
    Espero que tengáis un maravilloso fin de semana.




    Sizzix Bigz Die - Hexagons, 1 1/2" Sides

    Fat quarters de diferentes clases de estampado en lino . En mi caso tenía 6
    Lino Crema
    Lino Natural. 

    Echa un vistazo al vídeo que tiene Sizzix grabado y verás lo sencillo que es prepararlos. Mis troqueles son de hexágonos más grandes que los usado en el vídeo.

  • Felt die cut accents on your cards!

    Friday, 2 May, 2014

    Hello everyone! Karola here with new card inspiration created using our fantastic Sizzix dies. Today I would share with you a simply idea for adding texture and some felt or fabric accents to our cards. 
    As you probably know, lots of Sizzix dies are designed to cut not only the paper or cardstock, but also a wide range of thicker materials, such as: cardboard, EVA foam, felt, fabric, magnet, leather etc... This kind of dies are: Bigz, Frameworks, Originals, Movers & Shapers, On The Edge and more. In my last card I used a sheet of polyester felt to cut out lattice pattern using Frameworks Die - Lattice. Framework dies are designed in a very useful way, it's means that you can use the cut outs as repeating pattern. I think this way is amazing, because you can combine a few of cut outs into one fantastic background. This time I cut out lattice pattern from the felt 2 times, then I added a stitch using a sewing machine, adding at the same time some more texture and interesting look to my card. 

    Sizzix supplies used:

    1. Prepare a sheet of polyester felt (acrylic felt may be too soft and not good for this project). Cut out 2 pieces of lattice using Sizzix Frameworks Die - Lattice.
    2. Apply liquid glue on the cut outs. Do it carefully, remembering not to add too much glue.
    3. Adhere two pieces of felt lattice cut outs onto your card background (not card base!). I  have chosen kraft cardstock (13 x 13 cm) as a card background and white cardstock on my card base (folded card size: 14 x 14 cm). Put lattice felt pieces as a repeating pattern on the centre of your card. 
    4. Sew the pattern using straight stitch and don't hurry with it. Make it carrefully and slowly, following the felt lattice pattern. You can use a sewing machine as I did or use thread and needle to make it by hand.
    5. Sew the whole lattice pattern and - if you want - add more stitches. I added 2 straight stitches on the left and the right side of my card background.
    6. An additional idea: If you like fussy cutting - like me - you can use the Susan's Garden Tool Kit for modeling your fussy cut outs, such as flowers or leaves. The tools from this amazing kit are very helpful not only while working with Susan's Garden dies, but also in lots of other creations, just try it!
    7. Decorate your card as you want, trying not to hide your felt pattern too much. As you can see, I added also a butterfly and the heart, that I cut out from the same sheet of felt and using dies included in Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal).

    Thank you for visit us today! Have a wonderful weekend! 
    ~~ Karola ~~ 


    Witam serdecznie polskojęzycznych fanów Sizzix! Dziś przynoszę ze sobą kolejną kartkową inspirację z wykorzystaniem fantastycznych wykrojników Sizzix! Moja dzisiejsza praca to pomysł na dodanie ciekawej tekstury do kartki, wykorzystując kawałki filcu lub tkaniny. 
    Jak prawdopodobnie wiecie, Sizzix ma w swojej ofercie mnóstwo wykrojników, którymi można wycinać nie tylko papier i brystol, ale także szeroką gamę grubszych materiałów, takich jak: filc, tkanina, pianka, tektura falista, arkusze magnetycznej folii, skóra itp.
    Wykrojniki tego typu to BigzFrameworksOriginalsMovers & ShapersOn The Edge. W mojej dzisiejszej kartce wykorzystałam arkusz poliestrowego filcu oraz wykrojnik Frameworks Die - Lattice aby pozyskać filcową, ażurową siateczkę. Wykrojniki Frameworks zostały zaprojektowane w bardzo użyteczny sposób, to znaczy, że wzór można wyciąć kilkukrotnie i połączyć w jedno większe tło. Uważam, że to naprawdę świetny sposób na tworzenie pięknych, sporych ażurowych teł. Tym razem wycięłam wzór siateczki z filcu dwukrotnie, połączyłam 2 części w jedno tło, a następnie wzór przeszyłam za pomocą maszyny do szycia, dodając w ten sposób nieco więcej tekstury i ciekawego akcentu do mojej kartki. 

    Wykorzystane produkty Sizzix:
    1. Przygotuj arkusz filcu poliestrowego. Filc akrylowy mógły okazać się zbyt miękki i niezbyt dobry do tego projektu - mógłby się rwać). Wytnij dwukrotnie wzór siatki za pomocą wykrojnika Frameworks Die - Lattice.
    2. Nałóż płynny klej na wyciętą filcową siatkę. Staraj się robić to ostrożnie i pamiętaj aby nie dodawać zbyt dużo kleju. 
    3. Przyklej dwie części siatki na tło kartki (nie na bazę kartki!) umiejscawiając siatkę po środku tła i łącząc ze sobą dwie części w jedno spójne tło. Ja wybrałam brystol typu kraft na tło mojej kartki (13 x 13 cm) oraz biały brystol na bazę kartki (wymiary złożonej kartki: 14 x 14 cm).
    4. Przeszyj filcowy wzór ściegiem prostym i absolutnie nie spiesz się podczas tej czynności. Szyj po wzorze ostrożnie i powoli. Możesz użyć maszyny do szycia, tak jak ja, lub przeszyć wzór ręcznie igłą i nitką. 
    5. Przeszyj cały wzór oraz - jeśli masz ochotę - dodaj więcej ściegów. Ja dodałam podwójny prosty ścieg z dwóch stron mojej kartki. 
    6. Dodatkowy pomysł: jesli tak jak ja, lubisz precyzyjnie wycinane elementy z papieru, możesz użyć narzędzi z zestawu Susan's Garden Tool Kit  do wymodelowania swoich wycinanek, takich jak kwiatki i liście. Narzędzia z tego zestawu są bardzo przydatne, nie tylko podczas tworzenia przestrzennych kwiatków z serii Susan's Garden, lecz także w innych projektach - po prostu spróbujcie! 
    7. Udekoruj swoją kartkę tak jak chcesz, starając się jednak niezbyt mocno zakrywać filcowy wzór. Jak widzicie, ja dodałam jeszcze kilka filcowych akcentów - motyla i serce wycięte za pomocą wykrojników dołączonych do zestawu startowego maszyny Big Shot - Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal).

    Dziękuję za dzisiejsze odwiedziny na naszym blogu i życzę Wam wspaniałego weekendu! 
    ~~ Karola ~~ 

  • Summer Hexagons

    Friday, 2 May, 2014


    I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying the sunny weather.  Today I have a couple of bright summery cards to share with you.

    The theme today is hexagons!  I love hexagons,  they have been used so much in crafting over the past year but they have such a fresh feel to them!

    This first card features the Hexagon FramelitsSizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 2PK - Basket Weave & Honeycomb Set and the Sizzix starter Kit.

    The second card again uses the Hexagon Framelits and the Sizzix Starter Kit. 

    These are great for quick cards for any occasion.

    Thats all from me today, as I have lots of lovely samples to be creating for an upcoming show.

    Until next time ...

    Happy Crafting 

  • Half hexagons

    Thursday, 1 May, 2014

    Happy 1st of May - and this is an exciting date because we have some new dies available from today!
    New dies always make me happy - so check out the website and see which you fancy.
    I have just changed the subject of my blog for this week, because I've been asked about which hexagon will fit with our new half-hexagon die 658880
    and it's actually larger than our new big hexagon die -
    so I decided that I could come up with a way to create a half-hexagon from any of the hexagon dies - it's so easy -
    Measure 1/4" above the centre of the hexagon die, and then tape along that line -

    Then place the straight edge of fabric up to the tape -

    then roll through the Big Shot as usual -

    It really is that easy - and it will work with any size of hexagon and you can leave the tape in place to use again when needed!
    Now I would like to say that this technique will not stop  the new half-hexagon die 658880 becoming a firm favourite of mine - I've already got a stack of fabric cut ready to make up - so in the next few weeks ( or maybe months!) there will be a new project featuring this die.
    This evening I will be at Craft Days in Saffron Walden from 7 - 9 pm, where I will be demonstrating the Big Shot and Bigz Dies - if you're in the area come and join in - the more the merrier! (There is also rumour of cake !!).
    If I don't see you there I'll be at Quilts UK in Malvern from 15th to 18th May - come and say Hello and be tempted by new dies!!
    Enjoy your week.

  • GO Green by Karine

    Thursday, 1 May, 2014


    Today is a bank holiday in France. Here is a new page all wrapped up in green (which is my favourite colour) to match my picture!

    Supplies List:

    Papers: Crate Paper, Scrap Plaisir
    Alphabets: American Crafts
    Wood embellishments: Jenni Bowlin Studio
    Stickers: Crate Paper
    Card: Webster's Pages
    Others: old book page, Masking Tape, glitters, tag

    658300  Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit
    659426  Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative Strip Die-Bow-Tied

    Photo Credit: Valérie Schaepelynck -Les Jolis Moments-

    My background is quite loaded with patterns but soft in colours. I splashed some coffee drops on it.

    A diagonal paper strip is added. It will be dressed up with circles cut out with my Big Shot machine. I used my new machine and the starter kit which I like so much! The old book page is quite thin so you can superimpose several sheets to cut out tons of die cuts in a single operation!

    I chose to work tone-on-tone by adding wood embellishments. My title “Lovely Day” is made of sticker alphabets.

    A little bow cut with my Big Shot comes as a completion and adds some volume. This die is really fantastic for those who like volume and feminine accents as I do!

    See you next Thursday,

    Thanks for visiting the blog,



    Une nouvelle page en ce jour férié en France ! Toute verte, ma couleur préférée et assortie à ma photo.

    Matériel :

    Papiers : Crate Paper, Scrap Plaisir
    Alphabets : American Crafts
    Embellissements en bois : Jenni Bowlin Studio
    Autocollants : Crate Paper
    Carte : Webster's Pages
    Divers : Page de vieux livre, Masking Tape paillettes, tag

    658300 Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit
    659426  Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative Strip Die-Bow-Tied

    Crédit Photo : Valérie Schaepelynck -Les Jolis Moments-

    J'ai utilisé ici un fond de page assez chargé en motifs mais très doux en couleur que j'ai retravaillé en éclaboussant quelques gouttes de café.

    Une bande de papier diagonale est ajoutée, elle sera complétée par des ronds découpés à la Big Shot. J'ai utilisé pour ce faire ma nouvelle machine et le kit de départ que j'adore ! Le papier vieux livre étant assez fin, vous pouvez superposer plusieurs feuilles et obtenir une multitude de découpes en une seule fois !

    J'ai choisi de rester ton sur ton en ajoutant des embellissements en bois. Mon titre "Lovely Day" est réalisé à partir d'alphabets autocollants.

    Un petit noeud découpé à la Big Shot vient compléter ma création et ajouter un peu de volume ! Un die absolument génial et magique pour toutes celles qui aiment le relief et les embellissements féminins comme moi !

    A jeudi prochain,

    Merci pour vos visites


  • Ahoy shipmates!

    Wednesday, 30 April, 2014

    It's almost impossible to even read the title of this blog without effecting a cod Hollywood Cornish accent in a 'Long John Silver' Style  with it's accompanying facial contortions and for that I apologise.

    Everywhere you look on the high street these days whether it be fashion, home décor, gift wrap Kids clothes the nautical theme is everywhere. I wanted to pay homage to that using my trusty Framelits circle dies and a couple of products from Tim Holtz' May releases.

    For the record the dies/folders used are:
    I started by embossing two rectangles of Kraft card using the woodgrain folder, next I cut them into strips (or planks if you prefer?) of varying length and width. I coloured the planks using pale green acrylic, I used a dry brush technique allowing the base colour to show through. 
    Once dry, I used a brayer to apply magnolia emulsion and yes folks, that is a match pot paint sample from a DIY shop in the background, handy stuff and very cost effective too. 
    Finally, to add a little weathered effect I watered down some brown acrylic and gently splattered the paint onto the planks.

    If you have never used acrylic paints then a great place to start is with Tim Holtz' Disterss Paint daubers, they are a fabulous range of colours and really easy to use.

    Next, I needed a Lifebuoy so I turned to my old faithful Framelits Circles and placed them face up onto my cutting mat placed over my magnetic platform which is a brilliant piece of kit if you need to get perfect registration with your wafer thin dies. I cut through two layers of kraft card at the same time ensuring I got two identical rings.

    I used my brayer to thinly apply the magnolia emulsion allowing the base colour to show through slightly. I then used the same technique to apply red acrylic closely followed by orange. 

    The great thing about these techniques is that they are completely random and always look great even if you have little experience you will get great results every time.

    Once dry, I cut the red/orange ring in quarters attaching two of them to the white ring. Next I wrapped a length of hemp string four times around the ring where the red and white quarters meet and repeated at each junction . Finally, I attached another length of string to the rear with my glue gun.

    I attached the planks to an ivory base card (17 x 13cm) using double sided tape and 3D foam pads as shown below.

    Firstly, I have to say how much I LOVE this alphabet die, it's hitting the shops as we speak so get them while they're hot! I die cut the letters from kraft card and coloured them with the brayer using the magnolia acrylic in a really thin layer. I darkened the edges using the Walnut Stain Distress Ink pad applied with a foam blending tool and attached them to the base card using tiny pieces of 3D foam pad.
    Here is the finished card, you can almost smell the sea!

    I love using the wood texture folders in this way, and it's just one of many ways of getting the best from your embossing folders, a theme which I'm sure I will be returning to time and again!

  • Butterfly Birthday Wishes

    Wednesday, 30 April, 2014


    This week I have a birthday card in cool pastel colours and with a butterfly as the center piece to share with you. I used one of the embossing folders from Sizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 2PK - Swirls, Butterflies & Dragonflies Set to give the background dimension and texture.

    1. I die cut a sliver of green cardstock using Sizzix Framelits Die Set 6PK - Squares, Scallop because I wanted to use it as a scallopped border on the card.
    2. Using one of the dies that come with the Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit I die cut two butterflies: One in a solid cardstock the other in a coordinating patterned paper.
    3. I stacked the two butterflies on top of one another with the cardstock one in the buttom. I only glued them together in the middle which makes it possible for the wings of the patterned one to be lifted somewhat.
    Once I assembled the card I added the scallopped border under the sentiment of the card. It was also embellished with a strip of glitter tape.

    Lastly, I wanted to show how the wings of the patterned butterfly has been lifted from the page to make it look like the butterfly is "flying" and to make the cardstock butterfly look like a shadow.
    Supply list:
    Patterned paper
    Glitter tape from American Crafts
    Stamp: Papertrey Ink
    Ink: Papertrey Ink and Memento


    Ugens projekt fra min hånd er et kort i kølige pasteller og med en sommerfugl som hovedmotivet. Jeg brugte en af embossingfolderne fra Sizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 2PK - Swirls, Butterflies & Dragonflies Set til at give baggrunden dimension og struktur.
    1. Vha. Sizzix Framelits Die Set 6PK - Squares, Scallop kunne jeg udstanse en strimmel grønt karton, som jeg ville bruge som en kant på mit kort.
    2. Med af af de dies, der følger med Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit udstansede jeg to sommerfugle: En i ensfarvet karton og en i matchende mønsterpapir.
    3. Jeg limede de to sommerfugle sammen med kun på den miderste del, således at vingerne på den mønstrede sommerfugl kan løftes lidt op.
    Da jeg samlede kortet brugte jeg ud grønne kant samt lidt glittertape til at dekorere kortets titel med.
    Som det kan ses på det sidste foto, løftede jeg den mønstrede sommerfugls vinger, så det ser ud som om den er ved at lette fra kortet - og så den ensfarvede kommer til at ligne en skygge.
    Glittertape fra American Crafts
    Stempler: Papertrey Ink
    Sværte: Papertrey Ink og Memento

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