• Saturday, 19 April, 2014

    Hello all!

    Today I would like to share with you my new layout. I like to use water color splashes and buttons in my projects and Sizzix rounds perfectly match them. I used here several kinds of rounds from 2 sets (the links are below).

    Looks like "chevrone" is going to be my another favourite die.

    Here are the dies I used:

    Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal) 658300

    Have a nice day!


  • A fabric cover for my patchwork folder

    Saturday, 19 April, 2014

    Thanks  this new adventures with Sizzix , I needed something to schedule my projects. I love notebooks and then I decided to try one of the applique dies . 
    Heart is one of my favourite , so I planned a fabric cover for a folder I had bought for it.

    I´m in love with  Lecien prints, they are so romantic and so beautiful that I couldn ´t  resist to one of the last collections called " Flower Sugar" , do you know it ? 
    I choose the white and the blue one with some of my linen to make my fabric cover.

    Supply List :

    656335   Sizzix Bigz Die - Hearts, Primitive

    Binder  ( mine is 8.5"x 9 3/4 " )
    White, ecru or cream  linen 10"x11"
    Flower Sugar fabric by Lecien ( white background) :
     13" x 11" for the cover
     2" x 23" for a part of the lining
    1"x 11" sewing in one the flaps
    Flower Sugar fabric by Lecien ( blue background ) :
    9.5"x 23" for the lining
    6" x 3.5" for the heart
    23"x 11" batting
    fusible fleece
    11" x 0.5 " white lace
    Frixion pen

    I have took the size of my binder before. You must to adjust your size to yours. All the measures I give you  include seams.
    First  sew the linen with the white fabric and  lay  the lace between them. Press and  handwrite the message with Frixion pen ( for the love of patchwork  ) . Onto the wrong side put the batting and do the   quilting. You can clean the pen just iroining over it.

    Now go for the heart using the Big Shot machine and the Heart die. I have chose the big one. Don´t forget to iron the double fusible on the back  side of the blue fabric. Center the heart using a template before and pin.
    Cut and iron on the linen. 

     Sew around the heart with the same colour thread  you used in the quilting . The ribbon must be down before sewing.
    On the right side of the linen stitch a fabric strip  ( 1"x 11" ) with a decorative stitch. This will be in the left flat.
    Take a look to the pictures to  make an idea.

    Sew the blue fabric with the other white and you will have the lining .
    Lay right side together, lining and cover , and sew around  leaving without sewing a little.
    Turn the right side and finish by hand.
    Do the flats  ( 2" width each one) and sew top and bottom

    Now do the finishing adding the ribbon to close and tie and maybe some button if you want. 

    And here it is my practical journal where I do my plans, ideas , take notes, pics of the finished projects , and everything  just done with Sizzix Dies !!!!

    I hope this will be a good idea to have all your projects keep in a nice place , ready to use, check and do

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

    ..................................................................************* ..................................................................

    Gracias a esta nueva aventura con Sizzix, me vi en la necesidad de tener algo para programar mis proyectos. Ya sabéis que me  encantan los cuadernos y decidí probar con uno de mis troqueles preferidos, el corazones primitivos, en una funda para un archivador que había comprado.

    Me encantan las telas de Lecien , siempre con este toque romántico y tan bonito. No pude resistirme a una de sus últimas colecciones llamada “ Flower Sugar “, ¿la conoces ?
    Elegí dos de sus telas , una con el fondo en blanco  y otra en azul. Ambas tienen unos estampados preciosos de rosas.

    Materiales :

    Un archivador pequeño, el mío mide 22cm x 24.5cm comprado en Lecrerc
    25.5 cm x 24.5 cm de lino crudo
     Tela Flower Sugar de Lecien ( fondo blanco ) :
    34.5 cm x 28cm para la parte exterior.
    5cm  x 58.5 cm para una parte del forro
    2.5 cm x28 cm para una tira cosida en una de las solapas.

    Tela Flower Sugar de Lecien ( fondo azul ) :
    24.5 cm x 58.5 cm  para el forro
    15cm x 9 cm para el corazón
    58.5 cm x 28cm de guata
    entretela de doble cara para pegar con plancha
    Puntilla blanca 24.5 cm x 1.5 cm
    Cinta para el lazo de cierre
    Bolígrafo Frixion

    Antes de empezar toma las medidas de tu archivador para ajustar. Las que yo indico ya  llevan incluídas las costuras.
    Primero cose el lino con la tela blanca , colocando en un extremo la puntilla entre ambas telas , puedes ayudarte de alfileres. Plancha por el derecho y escribe a mano  en el lino tu mensaje con el boli.Coloca la guata debajo dejando el derecho escrito listo para bordar. Puedes sujetar con alfileres. 
    Luego haz el bordado. El mío ha sido libre. La marca desaparecerá con la plancha. 

    Ahora haz el corazón con la máquina Big Shot y el troquel del corazón, en este caso el grande. Pon la entretela de doble cara por el revés, situa una plantilla de corazón en papel para centrar la flor.

    Corta y plánchalo  sober el lino. Borda alrededor habiendo colocado antes una parte de la cinta que luego cerrará el archivador.

    En el lado derecho del lino cose la tira estrecha para adornar y haz una puntada decorativa. Esta parte será la solapa izquierda.

    Cose la tela azul con la otra blanca y formarás con las dos  el forro.
    Sitúala revés con revés y cose alrededor dejando una parte libre para dar la vuelta y luego rematar a mano.

    Dobla hacia el interior para hacer las solapas  ( 5cm  de ancha) Cose toda la parte superior e inferior lo más cerca del borde que puedas.

    Termina añadiendo la otra cinta cosida por detrás a mano y sobre la que pondrás un botón.
    Coloca los adornos que quieras como algunos botones más o trocito de  cinta.
    Y aquí mi práctico cuaderno  para anotar mis planes, ideas, fotos de mis proyectos ,y todos hechos con los troqueles de Sizzix!!

    Espero que esta sea una buena manera para tener todos tus proyectos  guardados  en un bonito sitio , listos para trabajar. 

    Que tengas un maravilloso fin de semana

  • Beautiful frame as a card shape

    Friday, 18 April, 2014

    Hello Sizzix fans! It's Karola here with something new from my craftroom! For today's post I would show you an unusual shaped card. 
    I absolutely LOVE to use an interesting shapes as a forms of my cards, I think it's a great way to try create something out of the box. The main role in my today's card playing a stunning frame, which I cut out using Framelits - Frame, fancy oval die. This shape of card is perfect for any occasion, especially for birthdays and weddings.

    And here are my cards, I made a year ago, using the same set of dies - Framelits Die Set 4PK - Frame, Fancy Oval:

    Here are some tips on how to create a similar card:

    Sizzix supplies used:
    658300 Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal)
    657902 Sizzix Framelits Die Set 4PK - Frame, Fancy Oval
    659573 Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative Strip Die - Spring Greenery
    658455 Sizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 2PK - Basket Weave & Honeycomb Set

    1. Using Big Shot machine, Framelits Die Set 4PK - Frame, Fancy Oval (large frame) and a white cradstock (250 - 300 gsm), cut out a frame. 
    2. After cutting the large filigree frame you have also an oval. Use it to draw an oval shape onto folded card base (square 14 x 14 cm). Remember to leave a 1 - 1,5 cm folded space on your card base and 0,5 cm space around the oval edges. We need the final card base bigger than the orginal oval.
    3. Apply liquid glue on the edges of the oval card base and stick the frame on it. 
    4. Again, use the die-cut oval to trace the shape on patterned paper. Cut the oval along the drawn line. It will be our background of the card.
    5. You can emboss patterned oval shape using one of Sizzix Textured Expressions embossing folders. I used the honeycomb motif from Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 2PK - Basket Weave & Honeycomb Set.
    6. Adhere an embossing oval in the centre of the card base (on the white frame), using 3D foam squares.
    7. It's the time for decorate your card. I using patterned chipboards, the flower and Sizzix dies to cut out beautiful motifs. I cut out the ivy leaves using Sizzlits Decorative Strip Die - Spring Greenery and the butterfly - using the die included to Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal).

    Thank you for visit us today! 
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend!! 

    ~~ Karola ~~ 


    Witajcie fani Sizzix-a! :) Tu znów Karola z kolejną inspiracją z mojego craftroomu! Na dziś przygotowałam kartkę w nietypowym kształcie, jednym z moich ulubionych. Absolutnie uwielbiam używać ciekawych kształtów jako form moich kartek, myślę, że to świetny sposób, aby trochę potrenować i popróbować tworzenie niecodziennych kartek a także kreatywne wyobrażenie o kartce okolicznościowej.
    Główną rolę w mojej kartce, którą Wam dziś prezentuję, pełni przepiękna ramka, którą wycięłam za pomocą wykrojnika z zestawu Framelits - Frame, fancy oval. Myślę, że to doskonały motyw do kartek na każdego rodzaju okazję, w szczególności do kartek urodzinowych i ślubnych.

    Oto kilka wskazówek, jak w prosty i szybki sposób wykonać podobną kartkę:

    Wykorzystane produkty Sizzix:
    658300 Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal)
    657902 Sizzix Framelits Die Set 4PK - Frame, Fancy Oval
    659573 Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative Strip Die - Spring Greenery
    658455 Sizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 2PK - Basket Weave & Honeycomb Set
    1. Za pomocą maszyny Big Shot, wykrojników z zestawu Framelits Die Set 4PK - Frame, Fancy Oval (duża ramka) oraz białego brystolu (250 - 300 g m/²), wytnij dekoracyjną ramkę.
    2. Po wycięciu ramki, powinien pozostać ci jeszcze owal (środek ramki). Użyj go do odrysowania owalu na złożonej bazie kartki (kwadratowa baza 14 x 14 cm). Podczas wycinania owalu, pamiętaj o dodaniu ok. 0,5 cm zapasu, ponieważ potrzebujemy bazy nieco większej niż oryginalny, wycięty wykrojnikiem owal. Nalezy też zostawić ok. 1 - 1,5 cm miejsca w miejscu złożenia bazy kartki. 
    3. Nałóż niewielką ilość kleju na brzegi owalnej bazy kartki a następnie naklej dekoracyjną ramkę. 
    4. Ponownie, używając owalu, który został wycięty wykrojnikiem, odrysuj kształt na kolorowym lub wzorzystym papierze do scrapbookingu. Wytnij owal wzdłuż narysowanej linii. Będzie to tło naszej kartki.
    5. Możesz dodatkowo wytłoczyć owalne, kolorowe tło za pomocą jednego z folderów do embossingu Sizzix. Ja użyłam folderu z motywem plastra miodu z zestawu: Textured Impressions Embossing Folders 2PK - Basket Weave & Honeycomb Set.
    6. Wytłoczony owal przyklej za pomocą kostek 3D na środek białej ramki znajdującej się już na bazie naszej kartki.
    7. Pozostało ozdobić kartkę. Ja użyłam zadrukowanych tekturek, kwiatka oraz pieknych papierowych elementów, wyciętych za pomocą wykrojników Sizzix. Listki bluszczu wycięłam korzystając z wykrojnika Sizzlits Decorative Strip Die - Spring Greenery a ażurowego motylka - za pomocą wykrojnika dołączonego do zestawu startowego -  Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal).

    Dziękuję za odwiedziny na blogu Sizzix! 
    Życzę Wam wspaniałego, wielkanocnego weekendu! 

    ~~ Karola ~~

  • Easter Egg Birdhouse

    Friday, 18 April, 2014

    Happy Friday everyone, It's Anna with a new Sizzix project.
    Today I wanted to show you a quick and easy gift for Easter!
    I'm making a few of these birdhouses. They're filled with little easter eggs: a nice gift for kids to make for Easter.

    cafe creativo - big shot - easter box birdhouse - pasqua (1)

    These colorful houses would be so fun also to hang on branches in a vase for an Easter or Spring Decoration.

    cafe creativo - big shot - easter box birdhouse - pasqua (2)

    Begin by cut out the birdhouses from cardstock and patterned paper using the Big Shot machine and the ScoreBoards XL Die - Birdhouse, 3-D. Assemble any house according to directions with glue.
    I embellished the houses with some item to finish my birdhouses: for any house I used a branch cut out with Bigz Die - Garden Greens and a birdie, that I have stamp and cut out with Framelits Die Set 20PK w/Stamps - Birds & Tree.

    cafe creativo - big shot - easter box birdhouse - pasqua (3)

    I hope you enjoyed this projects. Thank you for the visit.
    Happy Easter!!!
    Items used:
    patterned papers
    ink pad

    cafe creativo - big shot - easter box birdhouse - pasqua (4)

    Flag_of_Italy Per le amiche italiane! :)

    Buongiorno a tutti, sono Anna con un nuovo progetto Sizzix.
    Oggi volevo mostrarvi un regalo semplice e veloce per Pasqua!
    Sto facendo alcune di queste casette per uccellini che riempirò di ovetti di cioccolato, come regalino per i bambini nel giorno Pasqua.
    Queste casette colorate possono essere usate anche come decorazione primaverile, ad esempio appese su di un ramo in un vaso oppure potrebbero essere usate come segnaposti per il pranzo di Pasqua. Naturalmente possono diventare anche delle bomboniere, visto che questa stagione è piena di cerimonie!
    Ho creato queste casette con la mia Big Shot, utilizzando la fustella XL Birdhouse 3D e altre fustelle per la decorazione.
    Come fare: Iniziare tagliando le birdhouse dal cartoncino e dalla carta fantasia utilizzando appunto la ScoreBoards XL Die - Birdhouse, 3-D. Assemblare le casette secondo le istruzioni e incollare.
    Io ho deciso di abbellire le casette con un rametto tagliato con la bellissima Bigz Die - Garden Greens e un tenero uccellino, che ho timbro e tagliato grazie al set di timbri e fustelle coordinate Framelits Die Set 20PK w/Stamps - Birds & Tree. Anche il "sentiment" che ho incollato sul tetto è stato tagliato con una delle numerose fustelle del set. Ecco fatto!

    Spero vi sia piaciuto questo progetto. Grazie per il sostegno e per la visita :)
    Buona Pasqua!!!
    cartoncini tinta unita colori pastello
    carte scrapbooking fantasia, colori pastello
    inchiostro nero per timbri

  • Spring hexagons

    Thursday, 17 April, 2014

    Hello again.
    I love this time of year - with light mornings and evenings I get to drive to work in the light and enjoy a beautiful drive along the A49 ( I know it's a bit slow and frustrating with lots of lorries and few places to overtake) which runs through some lovely countryside - I must admit that sometimes I'm tempted to take a detour to explore some of the countryside - but that will have to wait for a non work day!
    At the moment it seems as thought Spring is here and so I've looked out a project I started a while ago - but the colours are just perfect for this time of year - so I going to attempt to complete it in the next few weeks -

    I've used the Big Shot and the Bigz 1 1/4"Hexagon die to cut the hexagons.
    I ironed fusible web onto the back of the fabrics before cutting out - so that I could then fuse them onto a backing fabric and applique in place - thus saving time.

    I'm not quite sure how this will develop at the moment - but I'm thinking of a table centre - so watch this space and see what develops.
    Enjoy the Easter weekend - if you're travelling I hope you don't get stuck in traffic - but, if you're not the driver, you could take some hexagons to hand piece just in case!!
    I've planned a breakfast party for some friends on Easter Monday - it means getting up at a ridiculous hour to bake bread rolls - but the smell is almost worth it and the taste of the breads with home made jams and lemon curd certainly are. Pictures next week!

  • Thank you Card by Karine

    Thursday, 17 April, 2014


    Here is a yellow & blue “Thank you” card with a Nature atmosphere thanks to the wood pattern of the embossing folder I used.

    Supply list:

    Papers: October Afternoon
    Chipboards: October Afternoon
    Stamp: Craft Origine
    Ink: Infocréa
    Others: cardboard


    658778: Sizzix Texture Fades Embossing Folder 2PK-Birch trees & Candy Stripes Set

    This is a simple card made in 15 minutes or so; it will accompany a gift!

    Cut a 20cm x 20cm square in a pattern paper. I chose a floral pattern.
    Then choose a matching pattern paper, preferably a neutral one. I chose a light yellow polka dot paper.
    Select the embossing folder you want and emboss this paper with it. I chose the wood pattern folder.
    This embossed piece of paper will be glued on a corrugated cardboard piece so as to keep the Nature atmosphere.

    Add volume by playing with the embellishments. Glue a “cloud” chipboard and add little drops. Then cut a feather out of a paper of the same collection.
    The “Thank you” stamp (“Merci” in French) will be printed with Orchid green ink, cut out then glued with 3D adhesive foam.

    I hope you like today’s card!

    See you next Thursday,


    Bonjour !

    Aujourd'hui une petite carte toute jaune et bleue pour dire "merci" ! Une belle ambiance nature obtenue grâce à la plaque à embosser bois.

    Matériel :

    Papiers : October Afternoon
    Chipboards : October Afternoon
    Tampon : Craft Origine
    Encre : Infocréa
    Divers : carton

    Die :

    658778: Sizzix Texture Fades Embossing Folder 2PK-Birch trees & Candy Stripes Set

    Une petite carte toute simple à réaliser en une quinzaine de minutes et qui accompagnera un petit cadeau !

    Découpez un carré de 20cm dans un papier imprimé, j'ai opté ici pour un papier floral.
    Choisissez ensuite un imprimé assorti et de préférence neutre, ici un papier à petits pois jaune clair. Embossez dans ce dernier le motif de votre choix, j'ai sélectionné la plaque bois pour une ambiance nature.
    Le papier embossé sera ensuite matté sur un carton ondulé pour rester dans l'ambiance.

    Terminez par du volume en jouant avec les embellissements. Collez un nuage en chipboard des petites gouttes viennent le compléter. Une plume sera découpé dans un papier de la même collection.
    Le tampon merci sera imprimé en vert Orchidée, découpé et collé en 3D.

    J'espère que ma carte du jour vous aura plu !

    A jeudi prochain


  • Tag Team 2

    Wednesday, 16 April, 2014
    In my last blog I said how much I had enjoyed working within the tag format again, I also said that I might create another one in a different style, well, that's exactly what I did as soon as I finished blogging.... Couldn't help myself!

    I wanted to go for a rusty look, but not the full on industrial rusty which is a bit too extreme for some folks. There are so many ways of using inks, paints, stains and powders to create surface effects and textures including many types of corroded and tarnished metal finishes as well as weathered stone and wood, some of which we will look at in the coming months.

    I love these techniques because they transform die cuts and embossed surfaces into something previously unimagined and make you look at them in a different light opening up new creative possibilities at the same time. I am always amazed and inspired by the ingenuity of the papercrafting projects that I've seen at shows, trade fares, online and in blogs it really is food for the creative soul.

    For today's blog I used the Movers & Shapers Tag and Bookplates die, the Tattered Garland and Spring Greenery Decorative strip dies and the Trellis Frameworks die as well as the embossing folder from the new Big Shot starter kit. All the dies are designed by none other than Mr Tim Holtz.

    I started by die cutting all the elements that I needed from smooth ivory card, I cut more flowers than I thought I might need just in case! Next I stamped the Mustard Seed distress ink pad onto my craft sheet before spritzing with water and passing the die cuts through the wet ink and drying with my heat tool. Next, I attached part of the trellis die cut to the tag and stamped over the surface with a clear embossing ink pad and sprinkled on a pinch of Fired Brick and Vintage Photo distress embossing powder before fixing with my heat tool. this adds a lovely texture to the tag.

    Rusty metal isn't just about oranges, reds and browns so I added some blue and green distress ink before going in with the orange followed by the Vintage Photo ink. To help blend and mottle the colours I lightly spritzed with water and dried with my heat tool.

    The next step is to emboss the lower half of the tag and gently rubbing with the Vintage Photo ink pad to bring out the detail. I gave the bookplate, leaves and flowers the same treatment and layered some of the flowers together curling and twisting the petals where necessary to create extra dimension. In the centre of the bookplate I added a printed strip of card bearing the legend 'Treasure' attached with a stapler. Now all that is left to do is to mount the various bits and pieces onto my tag.

    And here is the final tag, the ribbon and the string were stained using some of the same colours I hope you like it, I've really had fun with these tags, Maybe I will return to them at some point but next week we will look at a great die which is part of the quilting/appliqué range which all you papercrafters may not have seen, Why should the textile fraternity have all the fun?

  • Spring Fever

    Wednesday, 16 April, 2014


    I hope you are all enjoying spring? This week I want to show a card I made for some one who might not be enjoying spring right now: I wanted to create a get well soon card with a spring theme.

    To me one of the cool things about dies is that they can be used in other ways than they were originally designed: When I saw the feet for the birds from Sizzix Bigz Die - Birds #3 I immediately thought they would be perfect as naivistic tree trunks. So that is how I used them on this week's card. When it came to adding tree tops I needed those to be very simple too. That led me to using the eye from Bigz Die - Birds #3 as well as from Bigz Die - Owl #2.

    Supply list:
    Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal) 
    Sizzix Bigz Die - Birds #3
    Sizzix Bigz Die - Owl #2
    Sizzix Framelits Die Set 4PK - Ovals, Scallop
    Sizzix Framelits Die Set 7PK - Ovals

    Ribbon & thread
    Paper: My Little Shoebox
    Sequins & rhinestones
    Stamps: Wplus9
    Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black


    Jeg håber, at I nyder foråret? I denne uge tænkte jeg, at jeg ville lave et god bedring kort til en, der måske ikke lige nyder foråret lige nu.

    Jeg synes, at dies er fede, når de kan noget andet og mere end det, de oprindeligt blev skabt til at kunne. Da jeg første gang så Sizzix Bigz Die - Birds #3 slog det mig, at benene var perfekte som naivistiske træstammer. Så jeg brugte dem som netop træstammer på dette uges kort. Jeg ville sikre mig, at mine trætoppe stilmæssigt passede overens med stammerne, så derfor brugte jeg bare helt enkle cirkler, som er udstanset med øjnene fra Sizzix Bigz Die - Birds #3 og Sizzix Bigz Die - Owl #2.

    Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit (Powder Blue & Teal) 
    Sizzix Bigz Die - Birds #3
    Sizzix Bigz Die - Owl #2
    Sizzix Framelits Die Set 4PK - Ovals, Scallop
    Sizzix Framelits Die Set 7PK - Ovals

    Bånd & tråd
    Papir: My Little Shoebox
    Palietter & bling
    Stempler: Wplus9
    Sværte: Memento Tuxedo Black

  • Happy Birthday card

    Wednesday, 16 April, 2014

    Hello to everyone:) It`s my turn to show you my newest card. Maybe you already have noticed that I love to make cards and my style is a little bit shabby..soft tones, flowers etc...

    For this card I have used a new Frameworks Die from Tim Holtz and embossing folder which is included  the Big Shot Starter Kit.

    Items used:

    Papers: Pion Design - Flower Frames, Vintage Garden
    Others: Gauze, corrugated chipboard (white and grey), gesso, Prima flowers, coffee, tape, glue

    How to do:

    Color the grey gorrugated chipboard using with gesso, cut the Frameworks Die from your patterned paper and emboss the other paper using folder.

    Cut the patterned paper to size 15 cm × 15 cm and glue the embossed paper. After that glue the other piece of patterned paper to upright.
    Glue the colored corrugated chipboard and cut Frameworks silhouette, then white corrugated chipboard and the other silhouette. Finally gauze, flowers, sentiment and the other embellishments.
    When the card is finished add some coffee with watercolor brush for the edges and allow to dry. After that add some gesso for the edges and flowers etc.

    Have a wonderful day,

    Moi, tänään taas minun vuoro näyttää uusi kortti:) Varmaan olette jo huomanneet että tykkään käyttää vaaleita värejä ja kukkia yms. korteissani. Stansseilla saa myös leikattua kivoja koristeita kortteihin:)
    Tässä kortissa käytin uutta Frameworks Die - stanssia Tim Holtzilta ja kohokuviointikansiota joka tulee aloituspaketin mukana.


    Paperit: Pion Design - Flower Frames, Vintage Garden
    Muut: gesso, harsokangas, aaltopahvi (valkoinen ja harmaa), Priman kukkia, kahvia, teippiä, liimaa

    Kuinka teet tämän kortin:

    Maalaa harmaa aaltopahvi gessolla, leikkaa paperista kuvio Frameworks stanssilla ja kohokuvioi toinen paperi.
    Leikkaa taustapaperi kokoon 15 cm × 15 cm ja liimaa kohokuvioitu paperi siihen. Liimaa toinen paperi pystysuoraan.
    Kiinnitä maalattu aaltopahvi ja stanssattu kuvio, tämän jälkeen valkoista aaltopahvia ja toinen stanssattu kuvio. Lopuksi harso, kukat ja mut koristeet. 
    Viimeistelläksesi kortin, valele kahvia kortin reunoihin vesiväripensselillä ja anna kuivua, lopuksi gessoa kukkiin ja reunoihin ym.

    Mukavaa päivää,

  • An Easter gift

    Tuesday, 15 April, 2014

    Hi everyone
    Today I will show you a recycled box i have used, the box has been used for storage of eggs
    After I have decorate the box I put chocolate-eggs in it and now it can be used as an Easter gift. 
    Items used:
    Sizzix Bigz Die Garden Greens 659436
    Sizzix Bigs Die Ornate Frame 658720
    Sizzix Bigz XL Die  Jumbo Tattered Florals  659441
    Supply list:
    Paper: Inkido- Beautiful Memories Pink Flowers, cardstock
    Ink: Distress ink Vintage Photo and Victorian Velvet
    Pountura Paint-Pink-, flowera,brads, feathers and cheesecloth colored with distress ink Victorian Velvet
    How to make:
    I covered the box with a piece of patterned paper in the middle, glue the ribbon in to it
    Die cut Frame Ornate in White cardstock and glu to the front, decorate using a brads
    Die cut Jumbo tattered florals and garden greens. decorate the box using the die cut, flowers, feathers.To decorate the die cut flowers i used ponture paint.

    Thanks for stopping by, wish you all a Happy Easter
    Hej alle
    Jeg har genbrugt et karton som har være brugt til æg. Jeg har dekoreret den og puttet chokolade æg i den så nu kan den bruges som en lille påskegave
    Sizzix dies jeg har brugt:
    Sizzix Bigz Die Garden Greens 659436
    Sizzix Bigs Die Ornate Frame 658720
    Sizzix Bigz XL Die  Jumbo Tattered Florals  659441
    Andre materialer:
    Papir: Inkido- Beautiful Memories Pink Flowers, karton
    Ink: Distress ink Vintage Photo og Victorian Velvet
    Pountura Paint-Pink-, blomster, brads, fjer og ostelærred indfarvet med distress ink Victorian Velvet
    Fremgangs måde:
    I midten har jeg beklædt æsken med mønstret papir derefter limet båndet fast
    Udstans Frame Ornate i hvidt karton og lim den til frontent, dekorer med en brads
    Udstans Jumbo tattered florals og garden greens. Dekorer boxen med blomster de udstansede figurer , fjer , til sidst har jeg pyntet de udstansede blomster med pontura paint
    Tak fordi du kiggede forbi, jeg ønsker dig en dejlig Påske

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